Paving a New Way

Posted by Karah

So much is happening during this off season.  The big things of course are the new cabins, the new Bear Trap building, and the dining hall renovation.  There’s still lots of little things to do before the staff and campers arrive, but now we can cross one more off of our to-do list…paving the road leading up to Chipp/Chick hill!  Check out the pics below.

the paving begins  Marty hard at work  paving complete

Before any of the questions start, we didn’t pave the entire loop, only that first little bit on Chipp/Chick hill that you see in the above pics.  

Now maybe during sock war all you campers who just have to charge down the hill won’t fall and trip as much since the loose gravel won’t be there!

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Equal Opportunity

Posted by Melissa

Equal Opportunity
Read This Passage: Luke 6:27-31

“Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.” —Luke 6:31

I ONCE HEARD the story of a woman who had been imprisoned in concentration camps in Germany during the Holocaust. Miraculously, she survived. She had lived through the torture and agony of the concentration camps, watched friends and family members die, and endured abuse and cruelty from many of the German guards.

Much later in her life, one of the guards who had so violently abused her and been responsible for many Jewish deaths came to her seeking forgiveness. This amazing lady, because of the love of God in her life, was able to forgive this man for all the atrocities he and others had done to her, her family, and her friends. Isn’t that amazing?

People are capable of terrible, hurtful, destructive things. Yet we are called to forgive them and treat them as we want to be treated. We can only do that through the love of God. We cannot do it on our own.
In today’s key verse, you find the idea behind the Golden Rule. Forgiveness is supposed to be a marked part of our lives as Christians. And we’re called to not just forgive, but to treat others with the same respect and compassion we would want shown to us. And the people in your life don’t always deserve that. Neither do you.

Jesus made it very clear that we are to respond to all people, including our enemies, with forgiveness and respect. He tells us to love them, do good to them, and pray for them. We’re to treat them the way we want to be treated, whether they deserve it or not. That command is never easy to follow, but it’s absolutely necessary to developing successful, godly relationships in your life.

Real Choices
Think about the relationships in your life in which you’re experiencing conflict and tough situations.  They could’ve have been at camp or at home. What do you need to do to forgive these people in God’s power? How would you like to be treated in the same situation?

Digging Deeper
Read Ephesians 4:24-32. What do these verses have to say about relationships? How do they challenge you in your relationships?

Father, please help me to always reflect Your love and show kindness even in times of adversity.

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Cabin, Sweet Cabin

Posted by Karah

We realized that it’s been a little while since we’ve done a post about the new cabins, so here you are!  At this point, not much else needs to be done to them in preparation for the summer.  The plumbing in some of the cabins needs to be completed.  Then final inspections and lastly, moving in the beds and other small furniture pieces.  Below are pictures of how they look right now.  

                                           Inside view a new cabin

                Front and side of a new cabin  Front, covered porch of new cabin

So there you have it…this is what will be home, sweet home for some of you this summer!

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Let There Be Light!

Posted by Karah

 It’s the little things in life that need to be celebrated, in my opinion.  And another little step towards finishing construction has been taken…we now have electricity in the Bear Trap!  

                       Lights in the lobby area Lobby lights 

                                             Bathroom lights

Each thing that’s done only brings us closer to summer being here!  It’ll be here before any of us know it!

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Freely Given

Posted by Melissa

Freely Given
Read This Passage: 1 Corinthians 2:12-16

Now we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, in order to know what has been freely given to us by God. —1 Corinthians 2:12

HERE’S SOMETHING YOU may not know: Murfreesboro, Ark., is home to the only diamond mine in the world that allows the public to search for and keep any gems it finds—for a small fee, of course. My family visited this tourist spot last summer during a week that boasted 100 degree temperatures. We paid our fees to enter the park and rented the necessary equipment: shovels, pails, and strainers. Our excitement grew with every display we stopped to read, complete with headlines recounting 7-carat wonders. Even the sight of multitudes of bedraggled fellow -“miners” digging in 37 acres of dirt did not deter us. We had visions of a great discovery. And since we had seven “miners” in our family and two diamonds on average were found each day, we figured our chances were good.

Our enthusiasm did not last long. Squatting is hard, and it was hot. After about an hour of digging, sifting, kicking, changing spots, and questioning why we ever thought this was a fun idea, we quit. It was a unanimous decision, quite possibly the only one of the entire vacation. We chalked it up as a learning experience.

In today’s passage, Paul informed his readers that spiritual wisdom doesn’t come by experience. It isn’t a matter of human intellect or sitting under the best teachers. Paul pointed out that the ability to discern what is of Christ and what is not comes from the Holy Spirit. And as a Christian, it’s been freely given to you by God.

Wisdom is key to a successful life. And God has given it to you in the form of the Holy Spirit. Trust Him!

Real Choices
Do you base your relationship with Christ on past spiritual experiences or how much you know about the Bible? Acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s guidance, not what you do in your own power, as your only means of becoming a “spiritual person.”

Digging Deeper
How does Scripture describe the condition and abilities of our own reasoning in today’s passage? In Romans 8:7? How are you refusing to submit yourself to God’s leadership?

Make a habit of praying each day that the Holy Spirit would grant you spiritual wisdom.

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More New Skill Options?

Posted by Karah

Last week I uploaded a couple clips showing some new skill options for camp.  Of course, when we thought of these skills it was in the middle of winter so they would really only work if camp stayed open year round.  Even though that’s not going to happen anytime soon, it was still fun playing outside in the cold and icy weather.  

These two clips are a couple more options for new skills that we came up with.  The first one is a type of strongman competition.  Instead of a log or caber toss, how about an ice toss?  The person who can carry the biggest slab of ice and throw it the farthest wins. 

Hayne, one of our local go-to guys, wins this round. For those of you might want to try this at home, wear gloves! Hayne’s hands were freezing and remember…safety first!

Now watch the boys intern, Stewart, try and make his way across the frozen lake in a canoe. 

For those keeping a tally sheet, that makes:

1.  Ice Fishing

2.  Ice Disc Golf

3.  Ice Throwing

4.  Ice Canoeing

Which was your favorite?

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Introducing the 2009 Village Directors

Posted by Sharon

If you haven’t checked your calenders recently, campers will be coming in 12 1/2 weeks. It will be here soon! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 2009 Village Directors so you know who is going to be leading you this summer!

Lizzy Peterson

My name is Lizzy Peterson and this summer I will be the Chippewa Village Director. I am from Charlotte, NC but I go to Denison University, which is a small college in Granville, Ohio. I am currently a freshman at Denison and as of now, my major is undeclared, but I am looking heavily into Psychology and Educational Studies. This upcoming summer will be my ninth summer at Crestridge; I spent 7 summers as a camper and 1 year on staff. Crestridge has meant so much to me over the past years, both as a camper and as a staffer. I am so excited to see what God has in store this summer. Even more, I am eager to meet all of the girls in, and out of, my village. Every girl that comes through the gates of Crestridge is unique in her own sense. I am most looking forward to watching these girls grow in Christ. I cannot wait to meet everyone in just a few months!

Catherine Green

My name is Catherine Green and I will be the Chickasaw Village Director. I am a sophomore Biology major at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. This summer will be my 5th summer at camp, my 3rd on staff. I am most looking forward to building relationships and loving on the campers. One of the best things about Camp Crestridge is the awesome relationships that you make with your campers and the other staff because you are with them for at least 2 weeks! God is gonna do some amazing things this summer, get ready!!!!

Kelly Lipscomb

Hello my name is Kelly Lipscomb and will be the Cheyenne Village Director. I just completed my freshman year at the University of North Florida, go Ospreys! I am currently undecided in my major and keeping my options open. This summer will be my eighth year at Camp Crestridge. I am looking forward to spending the summer with new and returning campers. I can’t wait to worship and praise the Lord through all the activities we do at camp. I am excited to sit around the campfire and sing along with the campers. My prayer is that the campers grow spiritually, kindle new friendships, and experience the love that Christ has for each and every one of us.

Sarah Knowles

My name is Sarah Knowles and I will be the Choctaw Village Director. I am a junior at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I am majoring in Elementary Education and hope to teach 2nd or 3rd grade. This is my 12th year at camp. Crestridge has been a huge part of my life and can’t imagine how my life would be different had I not attended Crestridge! I absolutely love working with kids. I have always loved working with younger kids (which led me to be an elementary education major) but this past summer, as a Choctaw counselor, I learned that I LOVE working with this age group! Choctaws taught me so much, and I had so much fun laughing, loving and learning with them. I am so excited to spend another summer with these girls who love to have fun!

Caroline Knowles

My name is Caroline Knowles and I am so excited and blessed to be back at Crestridge this summer serving as the Cherokee Village Director! This will be my 12th summer I’ve spent at camp, my third year on staff. I am really looking forward to challenging these girls and digging deep, going beyond the superficial level. As a camper I built some great, long lasting relationships with my own counselors and village directors and treasured those. I am looking forward to doing that again with these girls this year. I am finishing up my Junior year at the University of Florida, majoring in Elementary Education and hoping to teach early elementary grades in the future. Looking forward to a great summer and seeing what great things God has in store for each of us!

We are so excited for you all to be here this summer!

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The Bear Trap…With Floors

Posted by Karah

The floors were finally installed in the Bear Trap and I must say they look good!  Now I know that I’m a little bias, but look for yourself at the pics below.

Hardwood flooring in Sharon & Marva's office Flooring in front office Front office flooring again

Check out that nice shine on the hardwood floor!  The same flooring was added in the staff lounge and VD offices upstairs.

Also added were the combination locks on the upstairs offices…                          

                                               Combination lock on the staff lounge

Things are definitely coming together for the summer.  There’s a few minor things that need to be done and then it’ll be time to move in all the furniture!  Then before you know it, it’ll be May and the building will be in use!!

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Light of the World

Posted by Melissa

Read This Passage: Revelation 22:1-5
Night will no longer exist, and people will not need lamplight or sunlight, because the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign forever and ever. —Revelation 22:5

MY DAUGHTER  Piper  is two years old and to no one’s surprise still sleeps with a night light. Most people—at some point—experience a time when they’re afraid of the dark. Perhaps it is something you still deal with but just won’t admit to anyone. So what is it that makes us afraid of the dark?  Although Piper might still be afraid of the dark, for me, I’m afraid of what lies in the darkness. Too many times I’ve gotten up during the night only to slam one of my toes into some piece of furniture. So I use a night-light to help me see where I’m going at around the house. It is probably true of most people that their fear is not about the darkness, but what’s in the darkness.

Our last devotion mentioned things that would be missing in heaven. In addition to those things, something else will be missing from heaven—darkness. The source of light in heaven will be the glory of God, so there will be no need for the sun or any other kind of lighting. God’s glory will generate so much light that there will never be darkness in heaven!  Whether you fear darkness or what lies in the darkness, neither will be a problem in heaven’s light. Living constantly in light has side effects. According to the Bible, one side effect of walking in the light is that we have “fellowship with one another” (1 John 1:7).  As believers walking in the same light in heaven, we‘ll have healthy relationships with each other and with God. Where are you walking today?

Real Choices
Look at your relationships with others. Are your relationships with other believers healthy and open, or are you embarrassed to be seen with Christians? Does your character change according to whom you are with? Ask God to give you courage to consistently walk in the light.

Digging Deeper
Read 1 John 2:9-11. What is the relationship between love, hate, light, and darkness? Is it possible to hate someone and still walk in the light?

Help me, Lord, to not be ashamed or embarrassed to live and walk in Your holy light. Please make my life a reflection of Your light that lives within me

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New Skills?

Posted by Karah

If you’re part of our facebook fan page, then you know that we’ve asked campers and staff what new skills they’d like to see this summer.  (If you’re on facebook and not a fan of the camp, then you need to be!).  The following clips are suggestions from us on what the new skills should be.  Watch the clips and tell us what you think.

And as you know, we here at Ridgecrest Summer Camps are all about safety first, so it would be the counselors who would cut the holes with the chainsaws…just as Stewart demonstrated.

How about Ron’s throwing arm?!?!  He might even be available to lead this skill if buttered up enough!


Okay, so you’ve probably figured out that these skills wouldn’t be plausible for the summer.  Back in January we had some really cold days where the lake froze over (about 4 inches thick) and we just had to take advantage of that since it doesn’t happen often!  What you watched is some of the crazy fun antics we here in the office came up with.  Check back next week to see a couple other clips of how we had fun with the ice and cold weather.

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