MONTHLY ARCHIVES: September 2009

Introducing the 2010 Crestridge Intern

Posted by Sharon

Kathleen in HammockI would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 2010 Camp Crestridge Intern.  Coming all the way from Hernando, MS……..Kathleen Hobbs!  Kathleen has been coming to camp for the past 15 summers; 9 as a camper and 6 as a staffer.  While on staff, she has been a JET, Counselor, Village Director and served as OAP Assistant this past year.  Kathleen’s favorite thing about camp is the people and all the relationships she has built.  Oh, she “kind of” likes 4-square too!

She is currently attending Blue Mountain College in Mississippi majoring in Physical and Special Education.  After graduation (and the internship), she would like to work in camping specifically for kids with special needs.

Kathleen is most looking forward to “preparing camp physically through a little hardwork and spending a solid amount of time praying for all the staffers, campers, and parents heading our way this upcoming summer.”

We are so excited to have Kathleen coming to work in January!  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her through blogs, videos, etc.  She may even challenge you to a game of 2 or 4-square this summer!

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Off Season=Construction

Posted by Sharon

New CabinThis is our second year to do major construction at Crestridge.  During the off season, our goal is to renovate the existing cabins.  What a huge and exciting project!  Starting within the next couple weeks, there will be a construction crew coming in to clear some land behind the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins so they can extend the cabins.  Then for every cabin they will replace all the floors, then the roofs, then onto moving the bathrooms, then building new decks and more.  Eventually, all the existing cabins will look like the new ones we had this past summer.  The cool thing is that we are not tearing the walls down but building around them.  Unfortunately you will not be able to sign on the new walls, but the heart of the cabin will remain. We will be sure to post videos and pictures of the construction to show you the progress.

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Looking back at Summer 2009

Posted by Sharon

It’s hard to believe that our last camper left a month and a half ago.  Crestridge is much better when there are girls running around, playing four square, singing in the Dining Hall and Chapel, and sitting around the campfire.  I guess we’ll have to wait another nine months.

This past summer proved to be awesome by the comments we heard from you all.  Thank you for your feedback as we seek to improve and move forward for 2010.  God was definitely present and moving in campers’ lives this summer.  From the chapel messages to cabin devotions, campers were taught how to live a Transformed life here at camp and especially at home.  We are praying for you that you will be reminded of all that God taught you this summer!  We also have a devotion that is posted every Monday on our blog.  It’s there for you, so please take advantage of it!

Just a reminder, registration is open and going quickly.  If you haven’t signed up, please take some time to do it now!

Here are a few pictures to show you the fun we had this summer:

Marva going off the blob Campers/Staff Jumping Campfire Campers at dinner

To see more photos, you can visit our website or our Facebook fan page.  We’ll keep you updated on news that happens at Crestridge throughout the year, so check back soon!

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