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Posted by Melissa

You’re in line to see one of your favorite groups in concert. Seats are general admission, meaning first come, first serve, and you aren’t very hopeful that you will get good seats. Then, the arena manager calls your name. He pulls you out of line and takes you backstage. It seems that the lead singer’s dad and your dad went to school together. As a surprise, your dad made a call and you now have front row seats. Wow! What did you do to deserve this?

Read 2 Samuel 9:7-13. Concentrate on verse 7.

What did David tell Mephibosheth he would do for him?

How did Mephibosheth react to the news?

What prevented Mephibosheth from providing for his own needs?

In what way did David treat Mephibosheth as a member of his family?

Have you ever made an effort to treat someone as part of your family? If so, how did this person react?

How does God treat us as part of His family?

David allowed Mephibosheth to eat at his table and to be treated as one of his family. Mephibosheth had nothing to offer in return. David honored him because of his past relationship with Jonathan, Mephibosheth’s father. God offers us a place in His family as well. We don’t have to earn it or have special connections. Jesus paid the price for our sins so we can have a personal relationship with Him. All we need to do is accept His forgiveness and take our place as a child of God.

“Don’t be afraid,” David said to him, “since I intend to show you kindness because of your father Jonathan. I will restore to you all your grandfather Saul’s fields, and you will always eat meals at my table.” —2 Samuel 9:7

Reprinted from ec magazine. © 2010 LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. Used by permission.

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It’s Worth The Effort

Posted by Phil

The challenge was clear at church yesterday: Do a random act of kindness for someone today. You decide to visit Mrs. Johnson, your first grade Sunday School teacher. She had a stroke and hasn’t been to church in over a year.

But it’s getting late, and you can’t find her house in the dark. Should you just forget it? After all, she didn’t know you were coming, and she may not even remember you. Is it really worth the effort?

Read 2 Samuel 9:4-6. Check out what happened in verse 6.

Why was it so important for David to find members of Saul and Jonathan’s family?

How was David’s search influenced by his past relationship with Jonathan?

How do you think Mephibosheth felt when he heard about David’s request to see him?

What was Mephibosheth’s reaction when he was brought to David?

Why was David excited to see Mephibosheth?

Have you ever consciously looked for someone to whom you could express kindness? Was it worth the effort? How did they react?

Do you usually wait until opportunities to help others come to you? Why or why not?

Is it easier for you to be kind to people you know or to people you don’t know? (For example, on a mission trip.)

David was determined to make a connection with Jonathan’s family. When he found Mephibosheth, he was excited about the opportunity he had to make a difference in the life of Jonathan’s son. Being kind to Mephibosheth took effort and David wasn’t getting anything out of it, but he still chose to honor Jonathan’s son with kindness. He was intentional. He was kind even though Mephibosheth had nothing to offer him in return. What about you? Will you become intentional about serving others?

Mephibosheth son of Jonathan son of Saul came to David, bowed down to the ground and paid homage. David said, “Mephibosheth!”
“I am your servant,” he replied. —2 Samuel 9:6

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Merry Christmas from the Camps

Posted by Karah

We know that every family has their own set of traditions, so we wanted to share some camp Christmas traditions. Most of you know all about our summer traditions, but what if camp had traditions in the off-season? You are being shown a never-before-seen look into our reading of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. We would enjoy hearing what some of your family traditions are. You can share them by commenting here, or you can write on our facebook wall ( ). From all of us here at camp, have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Merry Christmas from the Camps from Ridgecrest Summer Camps on Vimeo.

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Pay It Forward

Posted by Phil

Read 2 Samuel 9:1-3.

A PROMISE IS A PROMISE. When David searched for the family of Saul and Jonathan, his goal wasn’t to hurt them, but rather to care for them. David and Jonathan had been dear friends, and Jonathan had even saved David’s life by telling him he was in danger—even though Jonathan’s father, King Saul, was the one who wanted David dead. During that time, Jonathan asked David to express love for his family, regardless of what happened in the future. (See 1 Sam. 20:13-17.)

Fast forward to 2 Samuel 9:1. David made a special effort to find the family of Saul and Jonathan so he could make good on Jonathan’s request and show kindness to his family. Even though Saul and Jonathan had died (1 Sam. 31:2-6), David remembered the kindness Jonathan had shown to him and was determined to pay it forward to Jonathan’s family. It would have been easy for David to conveniently forget his promise and overlook a chance to be kind to someone, but he didn’t.

What about you? Think about times when others have expressed kindness to you, not for a reward but because they cared about you. Consider situations when your parents or other family members have made an effort to do something special for you.

Kindness is a powerful way to express love to your family, friends at Camp Crestridge, or even a stranger. You can make someone’s day through an act of kindness. And sometimes, being kind to someone is a choice.

Make that choice today.

David asked, “Is there anyone remaining from Saul’s family I can show kindness to because of Jonathan?” —2 Samuel 9:1

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3 Useful Tips To Remember about Snow

Posted by Sharon

As you may have seen, we got a few inches of snow here at Camp Crestridge.  Winter is always more enjoyable when you have snow.  Since some of you have not been in snow, we figured we would give you a few tips about experiencing snow.

If you want to see pictures, check out Camp Crestridge on Facebook.

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Posted by Phil

God’s plans are often different from ours. Let that sink in. God’s plans are often different from yours.

Are you content when others are given credit and you are forgotten? As Christians, we should be content for God to fulfill His plans however He sees fit. Are you willing to rest in God’s wisdom, power, and faithfulness?

Don’t miss verse 16 as you read 2 Samuel 7:11b-16.

What does it mean that God will build a house for David?

Who was David’s son? (Solomon)

Who was the future Son of David who would ultimately reign over God’s people forever? (The Old Testament tells us that God was faithful to His promise in the reign of Solomon and ultimately in Jesus who will reign forever and ever. See Rev. 5:13.)

God invited David to stay focused on the tasks He had called him to do and not to focus on what others were doing. Is that advice you need to hear? Why?

Although David experienced great victories in his reign as king, God had determined David’s son, Solomon, would actually build the temple. It’s easy to look at all the people around you doing great things for God and start comparing. That’s not what He asks of us. God has specific tasks for you to do. Focus on them, be obedient to do what God calls you to do and go where He leads you to go. God’s plans include you—and those who follow you. Focus on the things God calls you to do and be obedient. Your obedience will have a lasting effect.

“Your house and kingdom will endure before Me forever, and your throne will be established forever.” —2 Samuel 7:16

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December’s Secret Assignment

Posted by Karah

It’s that time again! That’s right folks, December’s Secret Assignment is here and we have made things a bit more challenging than they have been in the past. This month, your picture must be taken with a NON-CAMP person. No family members allowed, but other than that, go crazy. Get famous people or your friends who don’t come to camp but should. Either way, keep up the creativity. Submissions are due Thursday, December 15th. As usual, send your pictures to RHBARNHARDT@GMAIL.COM. Have fun and good luck!

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