Racing In The Wrong Direction

Posted by Melissa

Are you a fan of “The Amazing Race”? If so, you know that teams can get so lost racing around the world. A team may be driving furiously to reach the next stop only to discover that they’ve been driving in the wrong direction. The teams who win are the ones that can locate a guide—someone who knows the area and is willing to show them how to get around.

Life is like that, sometimes. You can drive as fast as you like, but if you have no guide to lead you in the right direction, you end up driving the wrong way!

Read Galatians 5:16-21. Focus on verse 16.

What does it mean to “walk by the Spirit”?

The passage contrasts walking by the Spirit and doing the works of the flesh. Which is easier for you? Explain.

Think about the list of fleshly works in verses 19-21. Which of those pull you down the most? Why?

If you’re a Christian and have the Holy Spirit living within you, why do you still struggle with works of the flesh? Explain.

What are some practical things you can do to walk by the Spirit day by day?

It is so easy to go full speed . . . and completely miss what God has called you to do. Thankfully, God has given us a guide—His Holy Spirit. You may struggle with anger. Jealousy may characterize your relationships. You may struggle with sexual sin, drunkenness, pride, or some other sinful desire. As today’s Scripture passage points out, all of that is of the flesh, part of our sin nature. But, God has given you a promise, which is also clearly outlined in today’s verses: you can overcome the flesh when you walk by His Spirit. You have been set free from sin. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in that freedom!

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Tutorial: How to Make Banana Boats

Posted by Karah

Do you like bananas? How about marshmallows? I don’t think I need to ask about chocolate…Put these three together and it makes for a great combination! This is one of the favorite campfire desserts – well liked by campers and staff alike! 2B Cherokee 23 was kind enough to walk us through this tutorial. Does this make you want one? Maybe you should try one at home!

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The Latest on the Crestridge Beehive!

Posted by Karah

Week by week, day by day, the construction workers are making progress on our new store – The Beehive! It was really exciting to see it get painted last week. They almost completed painting the outside in one day – and it looks great.

It now matches the Bear Trap. You can just imagine rocking chairs – and a lot of them – lining this side!

They have also added trim around the top and base boards in the rooms.





We have two bathrooms in the new building, which will be great for use during skills and various activities! They have been working on the bathroom floors this week and they are looking good as well.

We also enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains from the back porch, especially the top landing area outside of the museum!

This is going to be a great building that will be put to good use in the near future and for many summers to come!

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Free For What

Posted by Melissa

Read Galatians 5:13-15.

After the death of her mother-in-law, a woman was forced to care for her husband’s aged father. He was a feeble old man with palsy that caused him to shake. He couldn’t get food to his mouth without spilling it all over her clean tablecloth and waxed dining room floor. The mess infuriated her. Finally, she relegated her father-in-law to the kitchen where he ate alone. Despite the old man’s discomfort, she was pleased he no longer caused a mess. Her family could eat in peace.

The woman could have treated her father-in-law with kindness and compassion. Instead, she used her freedom to treat him selfishly.

Paul first wrote the Scripture you read today to the Galatians, reminding them that it was possible to misuse the freedom Christ had given them. We have not been set free from sin in order to give into our desires or to live selfishly. Instead, as Paul pointed out, the freedom we’ve been given as believers is the freedom to love others—and out of that love, to serve others.

Consider the freedom you have—freedom in how you use your time, money, and words, as well as freedom from sin. Do you see your freedom as license to do what you want? Or do you see it as an opportunity to serve others in Jesus’ name?

The truth is, you have been set free. Free to serve. Free to love. Free to make your life about more than your own selfish desires. You are free. Use your freedom well!

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Crestridgers Got Talent

Posted by Karah

We have some pretty talented people that enter the gates of Crestridge.  Let’s think about this for a minute. Let’s look at the dogs in camp as an example. O.J. is good at wandering off.  Trekker (the latest addition to the Crestridge dog family) is great at fetching.  Sonny is very talented at popping 4-square balls and singing with Marva.  Hobo is wonderful at being sweet and a great hiking companion.  The video shows a small sampling of the talent that the campers brought during 2B last summer.

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Choose Life

Posted by Melissa

We are all familiar with the image of a street preacher standing on a box screaming about eternal death and damnation for those who do not repent. It may be hard to hear that way, but those words are true.

Read Romans 6:19-23. Focus on verse 23.

What does Paul mean when he says the Romans offered parts of themselves?

What fruit do you think the Romans were ashamed of? (See v. 21.)

Why do you suppose Paul says that fruit led to death?

What does it mean to be enslaved to God?

What fruit or characteristics do you believe come from Christ’s righteousness?

Do you see any of those things in your life? Why or why not?

What are the wages of sin?

What is the gift of God?

Have you received God’s gift?

When I was growing up, I often heard verse 23 used to scare us into obeying God. It was such a heavy verse, pointing out so blatantly that all sin really brings us is death.

But as I have grown, I have learned that this verse actually expresses God’s love. Because God loves me, He has given me eternal life through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. He has provided salvation, forgiveness, and His Holy Spirit to guide me to make daily choices that honor Him and point to eternal life. When I do make choices that lead to death (every time I sin), His Spirit convicts me so I can seek repentance. God has provided a way for me to choose life each day and for eternity. Listen to the Holy Spirit as you go about your day today. Choose life!

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Belle 2B 2011

Posted by Karah

This was the largest group of girls that was tapped out during this summer. There were 19 girls tapped out this session. Grace Baker, Hannah Baker, Chandler Glover, Sarah dumont, Carianne Wright, Megan Helbing, Kelsey Lange, Millie Marshall, Mika Snead, Sarah Berlinsky, Christina Shepard, Arden Thompson, Andrea Albertson, Cari Phillips, and Erin Brown all achieved the rank of Trekker.  Hannah Forsell, Kaley Knapp, Cary Murray, and Molly Speese achieved the rank of Belle.

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What’s Your Motivation

Posted by Melissa

Have you ever thought something like this: “I can tell this little white lie now. I will ask Jesus to forgive me later”? If you have, did you notice it was easier to lie the next time? Did you start to notice a pattern? Whenever you were in a pinch, you probably found it easier and easier to shoot off another lie.

Read Romans 6:15-18. Look at verse 17.

Do you see Christ just as the Person to ask for forgiveness for a sin you continually choose to repeat? Why or why not?

What do these verses teach you about that kind of attitude?

Why is forgiveness a gift you shouldn’t take for granted?

How does your life show God’s grace is precious? Explain.

Today’s reading says the Romans “obeyed from the heart.” Does that mean that the Romans were afraid of Christ or that they loved Him? Explain.

What’s the reason for your obedience to God? Explain.

The word “pattern” in verse 17 refers to the teaching the Romans received. A pattern is predictable and recurring. If you live by the pattern taught in Scripture, your life will be predictable and consistent. You know you love Christ, and you know how He is calling you to live—and you obey from the heart. That means that the reason you’re obedient to God isn’t because you think you have to, that being “good” will earn you His favor, or that the way to live the Christian life is to follow a bunch of rules. It means that you obey Christ’s commands out of love, recognizing who He is and what He has done for you. When you understand the cost Christ paid to set you free from sin and the depth of His love for you, you simply can’t pursue a life characterized by sin.

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“Ghostings” on 1B Campers

Posted by Karah

We like to have a little bit of fun here at Crestridge.  Last summer, this was one way we did that. The goal was to follow a camper with the video camera and see how long it would take for them to notice they were being followed…and then see their reaction.  Enjoy these videos of “ghostings” on campers. P.S. Don’t forget to look at the faces – it’s the best part!

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Construction Update!

Posted by Karah

Here at camp, we are so excited about all of the changes going on around Crestridge. A lot of progress has been made on the Beehive since our last update. The siding is almost all up on the outside, just waiting to be painted. The walls are up on the inside both upstairs and downstairs and it looks great! It is amazing how different the inside looks with the walls up between the rooms and everything. It is coming along very nicely… It will be an awesome place to hang out this summer!

We also have a few other construction related projects going on around camp. The telephone pole that used to be in front of the store was moved down the hill a little so it isn’t right in front of the Beehive. Also, something that will be really nice are the new windows that are being put in the gym. The new windows are already in one side of the gym and it is crazy how much more light those windows are letting in!

Can’t wait until the summer when you all are here and get to enjoy all of these changes and additions as well!!


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