Obey to Honor

Posted on February 26, 2019 by Karah


Do you ever have difficulty wrapping your mind around the fact that Jesus and God are one? Pray that God will increase your understanding of this truth today.

When people hear the word honor, they think of battles, soldiers, winning awards, or being in a respected career. What does the word honor mean Consider the definition below and record your own definition in your journal.

HONOR (n.) – Respect and worthiness of rank.

• Do you think you honor Jesus? Why or why not? Journal your response.

“And just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so the
Son also gives life to anyone He wants to.” —John 5:21

Read John 5:21-24 in your Bible. Ask yourself:
• What does this passage reveal about the relationship between Jesus and His Father? Why is that important?
• List specific roles of Jesus named in this passage. Who gave Him permission and authority over all people?
• Jesus honored God by obeying Him and fulfilling His purpose. How can you do the same? How does living for Jesus acknowledge his power and authority in your life?


You can honor Jesus in your relationship with Him by living and speaking in ways that glorify God and show He is Lord of your life.

• Reflect on verse 21 for a moment. How has Jesus brought life to you? Are you quick to share this with people around you? Journal your response.

• Think of people in your circle who need to hear about Jesus and list them in your journal. Ask God to show you how to be more intentional about sharing His truth with them.

• For further study about Jesus and God being one, read John 1:1,14 and John 14:7-11.


This imagery of Jesus as the Son sent by the Father is taken from the Jewish concept of the shaliach, or messenger, in which the sent one is like the sender himself and faithfully pursues the sender’s interests.1 Jesus as God’s Son and messenger had a right to honor and worship, as He was one with God in deity.


God has given Jesus authority over all people. If we want to honor God, we must honor and obey Jesus.

1.Holman Christian Standard Study Bible (Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers, 2010), 1808.

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For God’s Glory

Posted on February 19, 2019 by Karah


Before you read today’s devotion, review the last few week’s devotions about Lazarus.

In your journal, write down what stuck out most to you from those passages of Scripture.

“So they removed the stone. Then Jesus raised His eyes and said, ‘Father, I thank You that You heard Me. I know that You always hear Me, but because of the crowd standing here I said this, so they may believe You sent Me.’”
—John 11:41-42

Read John 11:38-44. Think about the following:
• Read verse 39 again. Compare Martha’s reaction here to her reaction in verse 27. Does her response indicate the same kind of faith? Why or why not?
• What did Jesus’ prayer before he performed the miracle indicate about His
mission? What did it reveal about God’s plan? Explain.

Jesus’ prayer showed intimate knowledge of His Father’s plan for Lazarus. Jesus thanked God because God “heard” (v. 41) Him, the past tense pointing to their connection and God’s foreknowing of the event taking place. Jesus prayed aloud as proof to those standing around that God really did send Him and accomplish His will through Him—He wanted them not just to observe the miracle, but to believe in Him.


• Are you quick to give God glory when you see Him work in mighty ways This is how you can let the world know what a great God you serve—by telling others of His works. In your journal, come up with a few ways you could tell someone about Jesus and what He did for you.
• Glance over your journal entry. Do you know people who need to hear your story? List their names.
• Talk to an older Christian mentor, like your Trailstones leader or student pastor at church and ask them to hold you accountable to share your story with one of those people this week.


Jesus’ purpose and God’s plan for raising Lazarus from the dead was to reveal God’s glory and help people believe that Jesus was truly the Son of God. John 11:45-53 gave a clear picture of the reaction of some of the religious leaders—this only strengthened their desire to get rid of Jesus. This was the final event to set their resolve to arrest Jesus and put Him on trial for blasphemy.


Jesus did great things and gave God the glory. We should also give God the glory for whatever we do.

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Life Giver

Posted on February 12, 2019 by Karah


Check out Exodus 3:14, where God declared Himself as “I AM” to Moses. Consider this verse as you dig into today’s study.

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die— ever. Do you believe this?’” —John 11:25-26

Jesus’ resurrection defeated death. He knew this would happen—through His death, He extended the gift of eternal life to all people. Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of all people for all time, but we still have to choose to accept His gift and enter into a relationship with Him.

Read John 11:17-27 in your Bible.
• How does Martha’s response in verse 24 reveal her misunderstanding of Jesus’ promise that her brother would rise again? Explain.
• What did Jesus declare about Himself in verses 25-26? Explain it in your own words.
• How did Martha respond after His declaration? How should you respond to His declaration?
• Martha assured Jesus she understood Him as the resurrection and the life. How does her response to His request to roll away the stone from Lazarus’ tomb (v. 39) indicate differently?


• Read aloud and meditate on John 11:25-26. Consider the fact that the One who is life is able to restore life.
• Have you accepted that Jesus is the only way to eternal life? If you haven’t, let today be the day you trust in His saving power. Talk to your parents, or a youth pastor, or your Trailstones leader about what it means to trust in Jesus. If you have given your life to Christ, take some time now to thank Him for the incredible gift of salvation.
• For further study on salvation in Christ, read Romans 10:9-10 and Hebrews 7:25.


The word “resurrection” in verses 24-25 is anastasis. The noun anastasis comes from the Greek verb anistemi, which means to stand or rise up. These words refer to both the physical resurrection of Jesus after His death on the cross and that of believers upon His return.1


Eternal life comes from Jesus. Without trusting Him as Savior death is the end, but those who receive His gift of salvation will live eternally with Him.

1.Holman Christian Standard Study Bible (Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers, 2010). Accessed via

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Spell It Out

Posted on February 5, 2019 by Karah


Think of a time in your life when you knew God was at work, but you didn’t grasp what He was doing at the time. Thank Him for taking care of you.

Review last week’s devotion titled, “Message of Hope.” Examine Jesus’ use of the word sleep over the next few weeks.

“So Jesus then told them plainly, ‘Lazarus has died. I’m glad for you that I wasn’t there so that you may believe. But let’s go to him.’” —John 11:14

Read John 11:11-16 in your Bible. Answer the following:
• Highlight each occurrence of the word “asleep” or “sleep” by Jesus and the disciples. Then write down in your journal what Jesus meant, and compare it to what the disciples thought when he said these words. 
• Circle the phrase “so then Jesus told them plainly” (v. 14). What does that mean? Write the statement in your own words.
• Check out Jesus’ words in verse 15. Why would Jesus be glad he wasn’t there when Lazarus died? How would Jesus’ absence at the time of Lazarus death later help the disciples to believe in Him? Explain.


It’s difficult to understand how God works, but you can know His ways are perfect. Jesus had to spell this out for His disciples when they didn’t understand, and He will do the same for you as you walk with Him.
• Has God ever used a difficult situation in your life to help you believe in Him, trust Him, or understand more about Him? Journal about that experience.
• Thank God for revealing to you what you need to know to trust and believe in Him. Ask Him to continue to strengthen your faith.
• For further study on trusting Jesus even when you don’t understand, read John 14:1 and Isaiah 55:8-9.


Memorize John 11:25-26 this week. Write or recite it from memory three times in a row.


In John 11:7-9 Jesus mentioned returning to Judea and His disciples balked at the idea. John 10:22-30 gives an account of Jesus at the Festival of Dedication, where He claimed to be one with God (v. 30). The religious leaders attempted to stone or arrest Jesus for blasphemy because of His claim (v. 33). Certainly, the disciples were relieved to be away from Judea and the threat of stoning, but Jesus wanted to go back to demonstrate God’s power through raising Lazarus from the dead. He had to tell His disciples plainly in order for them to understand the decision and its significance (John 11:14).


Jesus’ power is displayed for the benefit of all who see.

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