Crestridge Beehive Construction Update

Posted on April 6, 2012 by Caroline

Things are moving along very quickly here! The construction workers have almost completed their work before the final inspection for the Beehive. There are just a few last things they have to finish up. Since the last update, they have put on a lot of the finishing touches like door handles, lighting, toilets, sinks, and the rest of the trim. It looks fantastic!

They have put in wood floors and lighting in the clothing store and the museum and they look so nice!

They put in tile floor in the food area of the store, and looks great!







They also put tile floor in the bathrooms, as well as toilets, sinks, and door handles on all of the doors.









Workers have also been working on the gym – the inside has been repainted and looks so nice, especially with those new windows! Pretty soon, the outside will be painted as well!






The latest project has been the riflery range, which has been going up quickly.  This is up on Cherokee hill, beyond Cherokee 22.  It is a much bigger platform than our old one, and will be nice to have more space up there.

We can’t wait for everyone to see these awesome improvements to camp in person! The time will be here before we know it!

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Belle 1A 2011

Posted on April 4, 2012 by Caroline

Each year it is great to see girls striving to know their Savior more and more.  Belle is one way in which we challenge the girls a little more in their walk with Christ.  The girls tapped out during 1A 2011 were: Harper Dewine, Ruthie Wofford, Anniston Liscomb, Katie Dillard, Amy Davis, Molly Smith, Ragan Jones, Kate Causey, Sydney Pashley, Haylee Shirley, and Hannah Miller.  Kate, Sydney, Haylee, and Hannah all achieved the rank of Belle this session.

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Never kid a kidder…

Posted on April 2, 2012 by Caroline

I love jokes.  Here’s one for you. What did the two seas say to each other? (Pause). Nothing – they just waved! The campers and staff from 2A have their on jokes to share….One more – this might be my favorite. What do you call the cheese that isn’t yours? You have to watch the video to find out! (Even if you already know the joke, it’s still funny!)

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Tutorial: How to Make Banana Boats

Posted on March 26, 2012 by Caroline

Do you like bananas? How about marshmallows? I don’t think I need to ask about chocolate…Put these three together and it makes for a great combination! This is one of the favorite campfire desserts – well liked by campers and staff alike! 2B Cherokee 23 was kind enough to walk us through this tutorial. Does this make you want one? Maybe you should try one at home!

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The Latest on the Crestridge Beehive!

Posted on March 23, 2012 by Caroline

Week by week, day by day, the construction workers are making progress on our new store – The Beehive! It was really exciting to see it get painted last week. They almost completed painting the outside in one day – and it looks great.

It now matches the Bear Trap. You can just imagine rocking chairs – and a lot of them – lining this side!

They have also added trim around the top and base boards in the rooms.





We have two bathrooms in the new building, which will be great for use during skills and various activities! They have been working on the bathroom floors this week and they are looking good as well.

We also enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains from the back porch, especially the top landing area outside of the museum!

This is going to be a great building that will be put to good use in the near future and for many summers to come!

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Crestridgers Got Talent

Posted on March 19, 2012 by Caroline

We have some pretty talented people that enter the gates of Crestridge.  Let’s think about this for a minute. Let’s look at the dogs in camp as an example. O.J. is good at wandering off.  Trekker (the latest addition to the Crestridge dog family) is great at fetching.  Sonny is very talented at popping 4-square balls and singing with Marva.  Hobo is wonderful at being sweet and a great hiking companion.  The video shows a small sampling of the talent that the campers brought during 2B last summer.

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Belle 2B 2011

Posted on March 12, 2012 by Caroline

This was the largest group of girls that was tapped out during this summer. There were 19 girls tapped out this session. Grace Baker, Hannah Baker, Chandler Glover, Sarah dumont, Carianne Wright, Megan Helbing, Kelsey Lange, Millie Marshall, Mika Snead, Sarah Berlinsky, Christina Shepard, Arden Thompson, Andrea Albertson, Cari Phillips, and Erin Brown all achieved the rank of Trekker.  Hannah Forsell, Kaley Knapp, Cary Murray, and Molly Speese achieved the rank of Belle.

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“Ghostings” on 1B Campers

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Caroline

We like to have a little bit of fun here at Crestridge.  Last summer, this was one way we did that. The goal was to follow a camper with the video camera and see how long it would take for them to notice they were being followed…and then see their reaction.  Enjoy these videos of “ghostings” on campers. P.S. Don’t forget to look at the faces – it’s the best part!

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Silly Songs….Crestridge Style!

Posted on February 27, 2012 by Caroline

You might be fooled and think you will be watching/listening to Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tale’s when this video starts. But alas, this is not the case.  Some Cherokees from 2A 2011 would like to share with you their version of “Silly Songs with Crestridge”.  These Crestridgers give Larry a good run for his money!

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Things You Can’t Do Away From Camp

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Caroline

Camp is a pretty awesome place.  So awesome, we sometimes wish that things that we only do at camp, we could actually do in “the real world”.  For example, cabin clean up.  I know every single one of you misses those chores you have to do every day and working with 9 other girls and your counselors to help keep that cabin sparkling clean! It can be  some quality bonding time. Okay, so maybe you don’t miss that so much (or maybe you do!)….Check out the video some of our 2011 staff made for some other things that we don’t normally get outside of camp, and probably miss a little more than cabin clean up!

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