April’s Free Store Winner!

Posted on May 4, 2010 by Kathleen

We want to send out a big Congratulations to this month’s Free Store Winner- Keller Anderson.  Because of Keller’s wonderful commenting she will be munching on some yummy Peanut Butter M&Ms and washing them down with a cool, refreshing swig of Cheerwine- nothing will get you excited about summer quite like that! Keller is so excited about coming back to camp to reunite with some old counselors and friends, as well as see all the new cabins!

Messy Smiles Happy Climbers

Keller will be enjoying life as a Choctaw this summer, and we cannot wait for her and the rest of you to get here!  Remember if you want to receive a Free Store in the mail, all you have to do is comment and your name goes into the drawing.  Summer is approaching quickly, are you getting excited?

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Spring Time and Paint

Posted on April 16, 2010 by Kathleen

It’s finally Springtime here at Crestridge, all the flowers are blooming, the sky is especially blue, and the only thing missing is all of your smiling faces!  Our construction crews are finishing up the little details to the cabins which included the painting of the outside walls.  Everything looks so fresh and it sure is getting us pumped up about spending the summer with all of you, so get here already!  Here are some pictures of Crestridge in the Springtime, enjoy!

Chickasaw 8 and 9 with their new paint job. Chippewa 1's new door! Empty Playground

Cherokee Hill with new paint! Spring Flowers

Less than 60 days until the first set of campers come for Summer 2010!  We are so excited, are you getting ready?  Post a comment and share with others how you survive without camp as the summer continues to get closer!

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March’s Free Store Winner!

Posted on April 14, 2010 by Kathleen

The Big Winner for our March Free Store Drawing is none other than Allison Bunce!  Thanks to Allison’s comments on our Blog she will be receiving her very favorite Store choices: a Hershy’s Bar and Pibb Extra, in the mail soon!  We hope this little snack will hold you over until you can get to camp this summer and enjoy it on a daily basis.  Allison will be coming back this summer to the mighty Choctaw Village and enjoy her favorite skill: Choir!

Jump Muddy Love Messy Smiles

Remember, if you want a Free Store in your mailbox at home you have to comment, and maybe next month you could win!  Summer’s getting closer, HOORAY!!

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Your Summer Staff 2010

Posted on March 31, 2010 by Kathleen

A lot of you have been asking about our Summer Staff lately, so to make things easier here’s a list of those wonderful staffers who are making their way back to Crestridge this upcoming summer:

First off, let’s just start out with the amazing news that all 5 of our Village Directors are returning for another summer!


That’s right Sarah, Catherine, Lizzy, Kelly, and Caroline are all coming back for Round 2!

Here’s the faithful Central Staff who are coming back:

Sharon Aylestock, Marva Rawlings, Nancy Cothran, Janie Belue, Debbye Skaggs, Jackie Holley, Joe Holley, Kathleen Hobbs, Brooke Waddle, Laura Palmer, Beth Ewing, and Abby Postma

We definitely are excited about welcoming back some of your favorite Counselors and Jets:

Liz Hardee, Ragan Story, Chelsie Snow, Amelia Markham, Anna Martin, Megan Rentz, Cassie Curtis, Machelle Wells, Jenn Debrecht, Katelyn Browne, Caroline Vining, Alexis Coryell, Taylor Pierce, Ashley Sutherland, Mitzi Farris, Caroline Fortson, Keaghan Glassmyer, Dee Dee Dillard, Katie Correll, Anna Harrison, Laura Edwards, Becca Kelly, Mary Jo Sandy, Rachel Dokich, Katie Cannington, Lisa Saari, Kierstin Haddock, Emily Lupfer, Emma Small, and Keller Allgood.

Oh boy, I cannot tell you how excited weare to introduce our brand spanking  new staffers to you this year!  Coming to Crestridge as Staff for their very first time will be:

Jenny Watts, Christin Ball, Jacquelyn Breithaupt, Lauren Henry, Laura Leeson, Jessica Scott, Lindsey Steel, Patricia Bosch, Martha Claire Huff, Lindsay Williams, Libby Fleming, Mary Casteen, Sarah McKay, Catherine Dunham, Brittney Burns, Rachel Hall, Lexi Bowen, Megan Grennan, Kimberly Jones, Joan Steiger, Sarah Senter, Erin Brehmer, Emily O’Loane, Hillary Modlin and Kaitlyn Nordin!

Get excited about this amazing group of staff!!

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The Sun is Shining!

Posted on March 24, 2010 by Kathleen

That’s right you guys, the snow has finally melted away here at camp and spring has arrived.  Walking around Crestridge is so nice because the sun is shining, the grass is green, and the creek is just a flowing.  We are so excited about Springtime because that means summer is coming soon!  Here are a few pictures of camp without snow:

Sunshine through the trees The Creek  

Chapel The grass is green

We can hardly wait to for the summertime!  Oh, and check back soon to see pictures of Crestridge’s 2010 Clothing.

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Construction Update

Posted on March 16, 2010 by Kathleen

The sun is shining and camp is finally free of the snow!  Don’t get us wrong the winter is a great part of our year, but spring will be arriving soon, and that means summer time is right around the corner.  The construction crews are getting busy trying install the rest of the showers and toilets, and things are coming along quickly.  All Chippewa cabins have their sinks, showers, and toilets installed, the majority of the Chickasaw cabins do as well.  Here’s a couple of shots of these brand new editions:

Sunshine Trail Chippewa 2

Chippewa 2 Close-Up Chippewa 3 sinks New Shower

Be looking for your Crestridge Bear Tracks newsletter, coming in the mail next week.  And be sure to comment and enjoy the spring weather!

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Congratulations to Catherine Brown- February’s Free Store Winner

Posted on March 3, 2010 by Kathleen

Thanks to all of you for commenting this past month, your opinions in our Hat Poll was so helpful.  This month we want to give a special shout out to Catherine Brown for all of her comments and encouragement!  Catherine will be recieving her Free Store of choice: Cheerwine and Sour Punch Straws, this week. 

Smiles Joy

Catherine will be moving up the hill to join the great Chickasaw Village this upcoming summer.  Her favorite skill was Crafts, and her favorite staffer was Lizzy Peterson who is returning another summer to lead our Chippewa girls.  We hope you enjoy your Free Store Catherine! Remember everytime you comment your name gets entered into that month’s Free Store Drawing, so keep the comments coming- we love hearing from you!

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Construction Keeps Moving Forward

Posted on February 22, 2010 by Kathleen

Our construction crews are steadily moving forward and making some major progress on the cabin renovations.  The Cherokee cabins all have new walls and ceilings that look absolutely amazing.  Having two toilets and two showers in every cabin sure will make things easier then back in the days when the whole Choctaw Village had to share one Bath House.  The crews have also started to install the showers into the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins; changes are happening so quickly!  Check out some of the shots of the improvements as well as the saved names section in Cherokee 4.

 Cherokee 1 wall Cherokee 1 Back Wall Cherokee 4 Front Wall

Cherokee 4 Signatures Chippewa 1 Showers

Hope you’re getting as excited about camp as we are, and remember to comment and let us know what you think!

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Samford Staffers Sing for You

Posted on February 17, 2010 by Kathleen

This past week I was able to travel throughout Mississippi and Alabama in order to recruit some amazing college students to serve on staff for the upcoming summer.  I made stops at Auburn University, Mississippi College, Mississippi State, Samford University, and the University of North Alabama.  Not only did I get to meet some really great people who were interested in camp, but I was also able to reunite and visit with some of our staff from previous summers.  While at Samford we decided to celebrate the time together by enjoying 2 of Crestridge’s favorite pastimes: eating ice cream and singing camp songs while standing on chairs.  Lauren Lunceford, Leanna Cannafax, Brooke Crutchfield, Laura Edwards, Keaghan Glassmyer, Jenn Debrecht, and Taylor Pierce show their Crestridge pride as they sing Kitty Kitty Kitty for all of you.

Join in the fun at home by sharing your favorite camp song with your friends and family in true Crestridge fashion!

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