New Crestridge Flag

Posted on May 24, 2011 by Kayla

Flags represent a community of people, where they come from, and what they stand for.  This summer, Crestridge has received its own  special addition to fly proudly at camp. Given to us and made by hand by one of our own lovely camp nurses, Monica Kidder, the flag sports camp’s symbol and colors. We are happy to have a place like Crestridge where we can grow in the Lord, and make lasting friendships that build up the body of Christ.  Whenever you think about Camp Crestridge or see the waving flag this summer, give thanks to the Lord for blessings such as camp, friendships, and creation. We are getting so excited for the summer to start, and we are just about ready to have all of you here! See you all very soon!

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Meet the 2011 Cherokee Village Director!

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Kayla

Say “hello” to the lovely Ashley Sutherland! Ashley is from Greenville, South Carolina, and she just graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Marketing. This will be Ashley’s third summer at Crestridge. Serving as a counselor her first two summers,  she is back this summer to lead and serve the sweet Cherokees as the Cherokee Village Director. Ashley is very excited to get to know all of her campers, meet the new girls, and see the growth of her returning girls. Keep Ashley in your prayers as she kicks off her life as a college grad and prepares  to come serve all the young ladies and staff at Crestridge.

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Say “Hi there” to the 2011 Choctaw Village Director

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Kayla

Say “hello” to Katie Correll! Katie is from good ol’ Memphis, Tennessee and is currently studying Earth Sciences at the University of Memphis. This will be Katie’s third summer at Crestridge.  Her first two summers, she was a counselor in the Choctaw Village. This summer, Katie will be serving the lovely Choctaw’s as the Choctaw Village Director! Katie loves geocaching at camp, and loves being in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  She is really excited for planning activities, and is looking forward to serving her campers along side of her staff! Be praying for Katie as she is finishing up her classes, and as she prepares to come lead the lovely Choctaw Village this summer!

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Meet the 2011 Cheyenne Village Director!

Posted on May 3, 2011 by Kayla

Say “hi” to Ragan Story! Ragan is from Waverly, Tennessee and is studying Intercultural Studies at Liberty University.  Next year, she will get to do mission work overseas for five months…possibly in Romania! This will be Ragan’s third summer at camp, serving as a Cheyenne counselor her first two years . This summer, she will be leading the Cheyenne ladies as their Village Director! Ragan is looking forward to spending time with old friends, making new friends, and getting to hang out with her campers.  Ragan is super pumped about this summer, and she is counting down the days until she can be back at Crestridge! Be praying for Ragan as she finishes up her semester at Liberty, prepares to come serve the Cheyenne Village, and gets ready to dominate in some four square! The summer is just around the corner.

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Say “Hello” to the 2011 Chickasaw Village Director

Posted on April 29, 2011 by Kayla

Jessica Crosby, also most commonly known as “Crosby”,  has been at camp for three years.  First as a JET, and then the following year as a counselor. She holds a dear place in her heart for Crestridge, and she can’t wait for this summer when she will lead as the Village Director for, in her words… “the best village,  the Chickasaws!” Crosby is  currently studying at the University of South Carolina . She is most looking forward to camp-wide and village activities and getting to spend time with all her amazing campers! Keep Jessica in your prayers as she finishes up classes this semester, and prepares to come serve her campers and staff this summer!

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Meet the 2011 Chippewa Village Director!

Posted on April 20, 2011 by Kayla

Ansley Harper is from Jacksonville, Florida, and is studying nursing at Liberty University. She has been coming to Crestridge for eleven years, and will be making it twelve this summer serving as the Director for the cute Chippewa village. Ansley is ready to be in the beautiful NC mountains and can’t wait to see how the Lord impacts the lives of her campers. Not to mention, she is stoked about dressing up in hilarious costumes for playing funny games, and she has been waiting since her last summer to go on the blob! Be praying for Ansley has she finishes off her school semester and prepares to come lead and serve our Chipps!

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January Secret Assignment Winner

Posted on February 23, 2011 by Kayla

It has been busy the past month here at camp! Camp conferences, traveling and recruiting new staff, designing and choosing new camp attire…there’s tons of exciting camp preparations going on. In the midst of it all, we  loved watching your video entries for the January secret assignment. We asked you gals to submit videos of you and random friends singing your favorite song or cheer in a public place. The decision has been made, and we picked our winner.

The Knowles and the Myers bring  Crestridge pride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, shouting ” Pride of the South” for all to hear! They sound great!

Some very honorable mentions are Kierstin Haddock also singing “Pride of the South ” with two very awesome guys from her campus ministry. Way to step up dudes and represent the ladies with no shame.

We have enjoyed doing all the secret assignments the past few months, and really liked getting to see all of you bring camp into your everyday lives! As  it gets closer and closer to summer (it’s already about March! Can you believe it?)..we will have new and fun videos  and information to give you to get you pumped and ready for camp! It’s getting closer, so get excited!

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December’s Assignment Winner

Posted on January 7, 2011 by Kayla

As snow falls here at camp, we can’t help but try and hold on to Christmas just a tad bit longer. In our last attempt to enjoy some holiday festivities from this past year, we will share December’s Secret Assignment winner with you.

Ragan Story and her hall of friends at Liberty University sport their Sock War bands, while looking fierce in Ninja attire. Way to go, ladies!

Make sure to check back regularly for our weekly devotions and for January’s Secret Assignment.  Happy New Year!

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