On-line Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Posted on April 10, 2012 by sarah

Here is the blog post you need to complete the on-line scavenger hunt we had in the Spring Bear Tracks you recently received. If you didn’t receive the Bear Tracks, you can still complete this challenge! Complete this scavenger hunt and be the first one to email the answers to and you could win $50 to the camp store. (Please put your name in the email along with the answers numbered to match the blanks!) To do the on-line scavenger hunt follow the clues below and answer each question. The links will take you to different websites to find the answer for each blank! Have fun!

My Ideal Day at Camp

The first thing I want to hear in the morning is the sound of the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­    Blank 1    ___Blank 2_and Marva’s voice ringing loudly over the speaker. All morning when I am at skills I think about ­     Blank 3  Blank 4     Blank 5 . That is just what I need to give me the energy I need for my favorite activity – sock war! The only problem is that I have a sweet tooth, but that will be  Blank 6  by going to the   Blank 7   to get some Reese’s Cups. After working up a sweat during sock war, it feels great to  Blank 8   into the nice cool lake. After free swim, a few friends and I go find  Blank 9  Blank 10 and start building the Blank 11  so we can cook  Blank 12   Blank 13 . But we can’t hang around for too long because we get to go sing campfire songs with Blank 14   Blank 15. There is no better way to end the day than to sit by the fire and watch the Blank 16 float into the starry sky.


  1. Blank 1 & 2– What is the first thing listed on the “Typical schedule” here:
  2. Blank 3 – What is the main kind of meat this carrier offers: meat carrier?
  3. Blank 4 – What is a word that means, “Having a soft or yielding texture”? (Hint: you can use Google to help you.)
  4. Blank 5 – What day is two days after Sunday?
  5. Blank 6 – Follow this link: to the New International Version of Psalm 17:15. What word in this passage could also mean “content”?
  6. Blank 7 – Go to this picture on the Camp Crestridge for Girls Facebook page at What building is this a part of?
  7. Blank 8 – Watch the video on the Blog for January 30th  called,  “These are a few of my favorite things.” http://girlsblog.ridgecrestcamps.comcategory/girls/ The 2nd to last camper on the video says she likes two things “_______ and being in the cabin with friends.” What is the first thing she says she likes?
  8. Blank 9 – First word: opposite of wet: _____________;
  9. Blank 10 – Second word: What is this website giving you information about: information?

10. Blank 11 – According to this website, (dwelling places), what are Plains Indian’s dwelling places?

11. Blank 12 – This is a kind of car that is a mix between an SUV and a standard car. An example is a Buick enclave.

12. Blank 13 – One of the fireside “desserts” we eat at camp: fireside dessert

13. Blank 14 – 1st word: what are the girls doing in this video: Crestridge Video Blog ?

14. Blank 15 – What is the name of a Native American Leader (wikipedia ) and also the name of a kind of tree (wikipedia)

15. Blank 16 – What is something that is in a fire? online dictionary

Don’t forget to e-mail your answers to!  First person to send us the correct answers will win $50 to our camp store!

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Construction Update!

Posted on March 2, 2012 by sarah

Here at camp, we are so excited about all of the changes going on around Crestridge. A lot of progress has been made on the Beehive since our last update. The siding is almost all up on the outside, just waiting to be painted. The walls are up on the inside both upstairs and downstairs and it looks great! It is amazing how different the inside looks with the walls up between the rooms and everything. It is coming along very nicely… It will be an awesome place to hang out this summer!

We also have a few other construction related projects going on around camp. The telephone pole that used to be in front of the store was moved down the hill a little so it isn’t right in front of the Beehive. Also, something that will be really nice are the new windows that are being put in the gym. The new windows are already in one side of the gym and it is crazy how much more light those windows are letting in!

Can’t wait until the summer when you all are here and get to enjoy all of these changes and additions as well!!


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Announcing the “2012 Theme Design” Contest Winer

Posted on February 29, 2012 by sarah

Well, the time has come to announce the winner for our “2012 Theme Design” contest. It was a hard decision, as we had some great submissions! We really enjoyed looking through all of the designs and seeing different perspectives. None of the submissions were actually chosen for the design for our t-shirt, although you may see the winning design around camp this summer, but they did give us some great ideas! So……our winner, for the 2012 Theme Design contest, is …. (drum roll, please) …… Kaitlin Harlow!!!! Click on the link, “The Well” at the end of the post to see the impressive design she created and submitted. The “Honorable Mention” goes to Meghan Hartline! Great job, and thanks to everyone for your participation!!The Well

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