The God Who Rescues

Posted by Karah


Focus your heart and mind on God by singing your favorite worship songs. Consider “Came to My Rescue” by Hillsong Live (The Very Best of Hillsong Live, 2010).

Think about a time when you needed someone to rescue you from something. Maybe you were involved in an accident, trapped by the consequences of your own decisions, or unable to free yourself from a situation. What kinds of emotions did you feel when your rescuer arrived? How did you feel when you were free? Jot down a few thoughts.

The truth is that we all need to be rescued from sin. It overpowers and enslaves us. There is nothing we can do to rescue ourselves. The good news is that God has already provided our rescue in Jesus.

Read Genesis 6:17-18 in your Bible and Romans 5:8-9 on this page. Keep both open at once and consider the questions below:

“But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! Much more then, since we have now been declared righteous by His blood, we will be saved through Him from wrath.” —Romans 5:8-9

What word begins both Romans 5:8 and Genesis 6:18? How does this word help us to see that something is about to change, that hope is on the way?

In both passages, sin caused the issue. But in both passages, God came through. How did He do that in each passage? Explain.

God provided the ark which saved Noah, his family, and the animals from God’s wrath against sin. How did Jesus do the same for us? Explain it in your own words.

The Point

God provided a rescue for Noah and He does the same for us in Jesus.


When you read Noah’s story, you can know that God values your life just as much as Noah’s. The thing is, you don’t have to build an ark to be rescued. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God built the bridge Himself; all He requires from you is faith.

When did you first realize that you were a sinner who needed to be rescued from sin? If you have never sought forgiveness from your sins and placed your faith in Christ, do so today!

If you are a believer, thank Him for rescuing you. Praise Him for being your Rescuer.

For further study, read Galatians 1:3-4; Colossians 1:13; and 1 Thessalonians 1:8-10.

Behind the Story

God’s wrath didn’t end with the flood. God never changes, and His anger regarding sin is the same today as it was in the days of Noah. God is holy, and He cannot tolerate sin. But Christians can rest in Jesus because He took God’s wrath upon Himself on the cross so we would never have to face it.

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Construction Update

Posted by Karah

Wow! We’re getting so close to summer and camp is really coming together!

Below you can see that the new barn is going up nicely! The barn is so big because there will be an indoor riding ring. This way, if it’s raining during skills, campers can still ride!

IMG_3415This contraption is a new challenge course element on the Ridge next to the Rock Wall and the Leap of Faith. It’s a giant swing that pulls you back into the woods, then releases you toward a beautiful view over the mountains.

IMG_3413Here’s another shot of the Dining Hall. It’s crazy how fast this building is moving along. It seems like there is major progress each day.

IMG_3411Below you’ll see the Chapel. It has moved along so fast, and is looking beautiful!

IMG_3408Finally, here’s a shot of the Ridge from our upper green. To the right you can see the edge of the Climbing Wall, then further to the right (not in the picture) are the additional challenge elements: the Leap of Faith and the swing. You also see the nearly finished Choctaw hill. Spring has definitely sprung here in North Carolina, and it is absolutely beautiful! We can’t wait to see you all so soon!


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New Beginnings

Posted by Karah


Consider this quote from Louis L’Amour:

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.”

“Then God spoke to Noah, ‘Come out of the ark, you, your wife, your sons, and your sons’ wives with you. Bring out all the living creatures that are with you—birds, livestock, those that crawl on the ground—and they will spread over the earth and be fruitful and multiply on the earth’.” —Genesis 8:15-17

Read Genesis 8:1–9:17 in your Bible. As you read, look for examples of new life and new beginnings.

Now, focus on verses 15-19. Ask yourself:

Compare Genesis 8:15-19 to Genesis 1:26-28. How are they similar? Why is it more accurate to recognize the flood as a new beginning rather than an ending?

Consider the quote above. What does it have to do with today’s passage? Explain.

We often say that God makes all things new. Today’s passage is a clear example of that idea. What has God made new in your life?

The Point

God is a God who makes all things new.


God didn’t destroy the earth to end it; He made all things new. Take some time to reflect today on the things God desires to put an end to in your life and the new things He wants you to experience as a result. Record your response as a prayer in the space below.

For further study:

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 and John 10:10.

Check out “A New Beginning” by Sally Lloyd-Jones in The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Behind the Story

God didn’t tell Noah to come out of the ark until the earth was dry. It wasn’t a muddy mess, evidenced by the fact that the first thing Noah did when he came out was build an altar of fire. Sometimes we have to wait on God’s promises to be fulfilled, but when He does fulfill them, He does so with completion.

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Means and Method

Posted by Karah


Reflect on this quote from the Holman Old Testament Commentary to begin your time with God:

“Man does not earn God’s grace, but he is to respond to it appropriately.”

Turn to Genesis 7 in your Bible and read the entire chapter. Picture Noah and his family, the ark, and the animals. Think about the emotions they would have felt and the things they would have seen and heard.

“So Noah, his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives entered the ark because of the waters of the flood.” —Genesis 7:7

Consider this:

God had been very clear about the destruction that was coming to the world. He’d given Noah detailed instructions about the rescue He would provide. But Noah and his family would not experience God’s salvation until they placed their faith in the means of rescue He had provided. To be saved, they had to get on the ark.

Think through these questions:

The ark was the means of rescue God provided; Noah’s obedience was the method. How does this truth relate to the rest of God’s story of redemption? How does it relate to you?

God is still offering salvation to us today. How would you explain God’s plan of salvation in your own words?

Think about the world today. Where do you see people trying to find salvation instead of in Christ?

The Point

God made provision for His people, but they had to trust the means of salvation He had provided.


Noah responded in faith in the midst of a faithless, godless world. Pray that you will respond the same way in today’s world.

Salvation is found in no one but Jesus. You can’t earn it, nor is it based on anything you can do. Admit to God any false ideas you’ve allowed to shape your understanding of salvation. Ask Him to help you focus on Christ alone.

Behind the Story

Noah was 600 years old when the flood came. He had lived among godless people for centuries, and now, in his old age, God wanted to use him to start things over. At this point, saving himself probably wasn’t all that important to Noah. He had lived life already. Why spend 40 days on an ark with a bunch of animals only to step off that boat still a tired 600-years-old? Because until God calls us home, He calls us to obey His commands in faith.

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Construction Update

Posted by Karah

This week on the Construction Update we are going to take a closer look at the Dining Hall. It’s made massive improvement in the past few weeks.


These are two pictures of the outside of the Dining Hall. It’s getting so big, it’s hard to get a good picture of it!!

IMG_0052 IMG_0056


Next, you get a glimpse of the inside of the Dining Hall. Again, it’s hard to capture in a picture, but it’s BEAUTIFUL. Notice, that the fire place is remaining the same!

IMG_0036 IMG_0055 IMG_0054


Below is a picture of our new stage for Drama! It’s so much bigger, and it has an awesome new prop closet to go along with it.



The lower level of the Dining Hall will continue to have our OAP room, and will now also house a new staff lounge and Cooking Cave! Keep checking out the blog for more updates!!

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Finding Favor

Posted by Karah


You may be so familiar with the story of Noah that you think there’s nothing left to learn. Skim over all of Genesis 6. Ask God to bring you face-to-face with its truths in a fresh new way.

Read Genesis 6:5-10 carefully. Note everything these verses reveal about Noah and his character. Record your findings below.

“Noah, however, found favor in the sight of the Lord. These are the family records of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among his contemporaries; Noah walked with God.” —Genesis 6:8-9

Consider these questions:

Look closely at verse 9. Noah, like his ancestor Enoch, walked with God. What does that tell you about the kind of relationship he had with God? Explain.

Compare how God described the world in Genesis 6:5 to how Noah is described in the verses you studied today. How was Noah different from the rest of the world?

From the beginning, God’s story has been one of bringing people into relationship with Him. Why is it important that at this point in history, when the world was dark with sin, God was still seeking out people of faith like Noah to follow Him? Explain.

The Point

The world was rife with sin, but God was intent on redemption. He chose to move His story forward through Noah.


Like Noah, you play a part in God’s redemption story. How He uses you to have an impact on the future depends, in part, on your willingness to walk with Him. Like Noah, when you walk with God, you can be a glimmer of His light in a dark world. In your journal, record a prayer of commitment.

Thank God for His favor in your life. Be specific about ways He has shown you favor and blessed you.

For further study about the kind of people who find favor in God’s eyes, read Psalm 84:11; 2 Chronicles 16:9; and Proverbs 3:33-35.

Behind the Story

Noah’s father was named Lamech, not to be confused with Lamech the descendent of Cain. Noah came from the line of Seth, the godly line. Interestingly, both Lamechs are the only people in their genealogies who have quotations attributed to them. The Cainite Lamech spoke of murder and violence (Gen. 4:23-24); while Noah’s father spoke words of hope (Gen. 5:29). Lamech declared that his son would bring relief to humanity from the wearying labor that had resulted from Adam’s sin.

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