Evidence: An Empty Tomb

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Turn off your phones and kneel on the ground. Ask God to use today’s passage to help you understand the importance of the empty tomb.

• Have you heard the phrase “you have to see it to believe it”? List some things that are difficult to believe without seeing any physical evidence.
• Why do you think people struggle to believe in what they can’t see Explain.

“The other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, then entered the tomb, saw, and believed.” —John 20:8

Read John 20:1-10 in your Bible. Explore the following:
• List the details about Mary’s visit to the tomb and what she found (v. 1).
• In your own words, explain Mary’s conclusion about the empty tomb in verse 2.
• Do you think the women and disciples expected to find Jesus in the tomb? Why or why not?

Despite all of Jesus’ teachings about His resurrection, most of the disciples rejected Mary’s report. Of the two disciples who accompanied her on a return to the tomb, the Bible says they “saw and believed” (v. 8); meaning they likely believed Jesus did rise from the dead as He foretold. However, verse 11 indicates that the disciples didn’t fully understand the connection between Jesus’ resurrection and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.


• Think about your own life. Would you have overlooked the fact that Jesus had been raised from the dead? Why or why not?
• Many people today still don’t believe Jesus rose from the grave. How would you respond to someone with this belief? Journal your thoughts.
• Do you know people who are skeptical when it comes to believing Jesus’ resurrection? List their names in your journal. Then, throughout the week, pray that God would open their hearts to His truth.


Though all four Gospel authors gave slightly different details about resurrection morning, each noted that it occurred on the first day of the week after Passover. Before Jesus’ resurrection, the Jewish tradition was to worship on the Sabbath, which was the seventh day of the week. For us, this would be Saturday. However, Jesus’ resurrection is such a vital truth to God’s story that Christians began to worship on Sundays as early as the book of Acts.


The empty tomb was proof of Jesus’ resurrection.

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