Completely Justified

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Take a moment to remember that you are completely forgiven. Thank God for providing this forgiveness through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Mentally list changes that happen over time, for example, the erosion of a mountain. Now, think of changes that occur instantly, like flipping a switch to fill a dark room with light. List a few more instant and slow changes in your journal.

Trusting Jesus as Savior results in instant change. The moment you placed your faith in Him, you were declared righteous.

Now, read Romans 4:25 in your Bible.

“He was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” —Romans 4:25

Explore the following:
• What does it mean that Jesus was “delivered up” for our sins? Explain.

Justification means to be declared righteous by God because of Christ’s death and resurrection on our behalf. The payment for our sin was accomplished in His death, and the promise of eternal life was cemented in His resurrection.
• Believers were once guilty because of our sin, but because of _____through faith in Jesus, we are saved. (See Eph. 2:8-9.)
• Christ’s death and resurrection, not our actions, bring us into right standing with God. List some ways people often try to justify themselves.


Simply put: sin declared us guilty before God, but Jesus’ death and resurrection declared believers as not guilty.
• All believers are justified. Do you sometimes feel unholy, unrighteous, and less than perfect because of your struggle with sin? Journal your thoughts.
• Is there any unconfessed sin in your life? Be honest with God about your struggle and ask Him to help you stand firm against temptation.
• If you have not trusted Jesus as Savior, talk to your parents, Trailstones leader, or trusted person from your church about what it means to follow Jesus.
• For further study on justification, read Romans 5.


God’s entire redemptive plan was summarized in today’s Scripture. Evangelism, or the spreading of the gospel, centers on the resurrection. Without Jesus’ death on the cross, there would be no adequate payment for sin. Without the resurrection, there would be no hope and no gospel message. This is why the apostles focused their preaching on the importance of the resurrection. Our lives, our words, and our interactions must center on complete belief in the resurrection and our justification.


Christ’s death and resurrection brought justification to believers.

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