Mourning to Rejoicing

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Walk outside and consider how God uses creation to proclaim His goodness and authority.

Read Matthew 28:1-8 in your Bible.

“So, departing quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, they ran to tell His disciples the news.” —Matthew 28:8

Complete the following.
• Jot down details about the physical appearance of the angel of the Lord (v. 3).
• No human deception could have mimicked an earthquake and the appearance of the angel. In your journal, sketch a picture depicting the scene in verses 2-4.
• Think back to previous accounts of this scene. With the inclusion of the angel’s appearance and the earthquake, why is the angel’s statement in verse 5 so important? Explain.
• These were extraordinary events that caused the guards to faint in fear. However, when the angel spoke to the women, they had a different reaction. Describe their actions upon hearing the angel’s good news.


• Jot down the last piece of great news you received. Who brought the message?
• Now, think about the first time you heard about Jesus’ resurrection. Who told you about Him? How did they tell you? Describe the conversation in your journal.
• Hearing that Jesus had risen from the dead was the best piece of news these women received. How did the news of His resurrection change your life? Journal about your experience.
• If you’ve never trusted Jesus as your Savior, find a trustworthy adult such as a parent, Trailstones leader, or pastor and ask them to share with you about how to become a Christian.
• If you have placed your faith in Jesus, pray for an opportunity to tell this news to others this week.


Only Matthew recorded the earthquake, descending of the angel, and fainting of the guards. This is actually the second earthquake in his narrative, the first one is found in Matthew 27:51 at the moment of Jesus’ death. Just as the earth quaked, so did the guards when they saw the angel.


Say Matthew 28:8 aloud as you do the dishes, clean your room, or make a snack.


The angels’ appearance frightened the women, but the message caused the women to rejoice.

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