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Turn off all your electronic devices and prepare to spend some time alone with God. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to learn new things through today’s Scripture.

“Returning from the tomb, they reported all these things to the Eleven and to all the rest.” —Luke 24:9

Read Luke 24:9-12 in your Bible and think through the following.
• Record the differences between Peter’s and the rest of the disciples’ responses to the women’s testimony.
• Verse 12 says Peter “ ______ __and ______” to the tomb. Why do you think he reacted this way?
• At this time, the testimony of women was highly disregarded. When the disciples heard their story about Jesus being resurrected, they thought the women were babbling nonsense. What are some things that cause us to disregard others’ testimony today? Why?
• Peter raced to the tomb to discover the truth for himself. How did his actions support the importance of testimony? Explain.


• Believing that Jesus was resurrected is crucial to the Christian faith. How would you explain the resurrection to someone else? Practice what you would say in the mirror.
• Ask God to bring to mind a few people in your life who don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead. Jot down their names in the margin.
• Look back over your list of names. Prayerfully consider how you can share Jesus’ love with them this week. Ask God to give you the opportunity and courage to speak.


Throughout the Gospel narratives, Peter was shown as a passionate and often impulsive person. He jumped out of the boat to walk on water, cut off the ear of a high priest’s slave during Jesus’ arrest, and denied Jesus three times at His trial. In today’s passage, Peter displayed his passion yet again , evidenced by his immediate reaction to the women’s testimony.


Followers of Jesus should share the good news of His resurrection and what that means for us.

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