Introducing the 2009 Village Directors

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If you haven’t checked your calenders recently, campers will be coming in 12 1/2 weeks. It will be here soon! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 2009 Village Directors so you know who is going to be leading you this summer!

Lizzy Peterson

My name is Lizzy Peterson and this summer I will be the Chippewa Village Director. I am from Charlotte, NC but I go to Denison University, which is a small college in Granville, Ohio. I am currently a freshman at Denison and as of now, my major is undeclared, but I am looking heavily into Psychology and Educational Studies. This upcoming summer will be my ninth summer at Crestridge; I spent 7 summers as a camper and 1 year on staff. Crestridge has meant so much to me over the past years, both as a camper and as a staffer. I am so excited to see what God has in store this summer. Even more, I am eager to meet all of the girls in, and out of, my village. Every girl that comes through the gates of Crestridge is unique in her own sense. I am most looking forward to watching these girls grow in Christ. I cannot wait to meet everyone in just a few months!

Catherine Green

My name is Catherine Green and I will be the Chickasaw Village Director. I am a sophomore Biology major at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. This summer will be my 5th summer at camp, my 3rd on staff. I am most looking forward to building relationships and loving on the campers. One of the best things about Camp Crestridge is the awesome relationships that you make with your campers and the other staff because you are with them for at least 2 weeks! God is gonna do some amazing things this summer, get ready!!!!

Kelly Lipscomb

Hello my name is Kelly Lipscomb and will be the Cheyenne Village Director. I just completed my freshman year at the University of North Florida, go Ospreys! I am currently undecided in my major and keeping my options open. This summer will be my eighth year at Camp Crestridge. I am looking forward to spending the summer with new and returning campers. I can’t wait to worship and praise the Lord through all the activities we do at camp. I am excited to sit around the campfire and sing along with the campers. My prayer is that the campers grow spiritually, kindle new friendships, and experience the love that Christ has for each and every one of us.

Sarah Knowles

My name is Sarah Knowles and I will be the Choctaw Village Director. I am a junior at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I am majoring in Elementary Education and hope to teach 2nd or 3rd grade. This is my 12th year at camp. Crestridge has been a huge part of my life and can’t imagine how my life would be different had I not attended Crestridge! I absolutely love working with kids. I have always loved working with younger kids (which led me to be an elementary education major) but this past summer, as a Choctaw counselor, I learned that I LOVE working with this age group! Choctaws taught me so much, and I had so much fun laughing, loving and learning with them. I am so excited to spend another summer with these girls who love to have fun!

Caroline Knowles

My name is Caroline Knowles and I am so excited and blessed to be back at Crestridge this summer serving as the Cherokee Village Director! This will be my 12th summer I’ve spent at camp, my third year on staff. I am really looking forward to challenging these girls and digging deep, going beyond the superficial level. As a camper I built some great, long lasting relationships with my own counselors and village directors and treasured those. I am looking forward to doing that again with these girls this year. I am finishing up my Junior year at the University of Florida, majoring in Elementary Education and hoping to teach early elementary grades in the future. Looking forward to a great summer and seeing what great things God has in store for each of us!

We are so excited for you all to be here this summer!

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23 thoughts on “Introducing the 2009 Village Directors”

  1. The Chickasaw VD will be Catherine Green. We had some trouble making it show up on Internet Explorer but it should be good now. Sorry about that!

  2. Unfortunately you won’t find out until you come to camp. But that is part of the excitement of Opening Day!!

  3. Hi Kelly! My name is Caroline and I’m going to be a cheyenne this year. I can’t wait until camp there is so many new things this year, new skills, new cabins! I’m am gonna be in the last session which means i have to wait almost the WHOLE summer before Crestiridge. I’m counting down the days!

  4. this may seem like a dumb question, but will the choctaw cabin leader be one of our activity leaders, or counsulors?? GO GATORS!

  5. Hey Sarah! This is my first summer at camp, and I can’t wait!!! I’m going the first session, which means there is just 2 months!!! I’m so looking forward to meeting you, and creating a lot of fun memories! Go gators!

  6. Hey Caroline,
    I am so excited you are going to be a Cheyenne this summer! I can’t wait to meet you on opening day. This summer is going to be AMAZING! Oh and I have been counting down the days ever since I left camp last summer. I am so excited to see all the blessings God will give us at camp this summer….see you soon!

  7. Hey girls! I am so excited to meet all of you and hang out with you this summer! Coming from a teacher (to be) NO question is a dumb question! πŸ™‚ So let’s see if I can answer your question. There will be 2 and sometimes 3 counselors that stay in each cabin with you. These counselors also teach skills in the morning, and depending on what skills you choose, and what skills your counselors teach, you may or may not be in one of their skills. I will be the Choctaw Village I basically plan your afternoon village activities. You will be doing these activities along with your counselors and me. Does this answer your question?
    For those of you who are new, GET EXCITED! Camp is a blast! We can’t wait to meet you!!!

  8. dont worry sarah, i will ALWAYS support the gators!!!!! πŸ™‚ im sooooo looking forward to meeting you!!!!!

  9. Hi Kelly!
    My Name is Grace and this is going to be my second summer at camp and I am really Excited about having you as my VD.

    PS 61 more days til I come!!!
    PPS I am staying for 4 weeks!!!

  10. Grace,
    I am so excited that you are coming back to camp! This summer is going to be AMAZING, so get ready! It is so cool that you get to stay for 4 weeks, I can’t wait to see you on opening day! I hope school is going well, and that it flys by so that camp can arrive sooner!

  11. hey sarah! this is my first year at crestridge and i am pumped!!!! im gonna go first session so that means less than two months!! ahhhhh! can you believe it? im so happy your my VD. im really looking forward to meeting you! go gators! πŸ˜€

  12. I can’t wait for camp now!!! I am going to be in Choctaw and it’s my 7th year! I love camp soooooo much! Actualy, I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Probably more than that! πŸ™‚ THis is going to be stellar!
    PS: I don’t really watch football, but I suppose I will go with the Gators! πŸ™‚

  13. SARAH!!!! yay im so excited that you are going to be the choctaw VD!!! i love camp and its a great place to learn about God and have an AMAZING!!! time!! yay!! cant wait to see you 2b… again!!!! till then!!


  14. Sarah,
    My name is Bethany and I have come to camp for two years so this will be my 3rd! I’m attending 1A so not that long ’till i get there! I’m am super psyched and I am counting down the days. Seven more weeks!! I will see you soon:)!!

  15. 1A is not far away at all! It’s crazy. Super psyched is a great way to describe how I’m feeling as well! πŸ™‚

  16. hey sarah! im going 1A too! ahhhh! no way! i am totally psyched out!!! i cannot wait to meet you!!! can you believe its only a month and a half away! cant wait to see you too bethany!! lol! πŸ˜€

  17. hey sarah! cant wait to make a lot of fun memories! and i sooooo cant wait to meet you! ps( i have a twin too!)

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