Crestridge 2A Vlog

Posted by Karah

Here’s another update from Sharon about the happenings around camp so far this session. 

Check back next week for more!!

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One thought on “Crestridge 2A Vlog”

  1. Hey Crestridgeians! I am so sorry to hear that it has been raining. You don’t get to do all the activities planned. That has happened to me so many times at camp, but it is okay because it is the perfect excuse to play spoons for a wile with your cabin! 🙂 Just try to make the most of it! Council of progress, eh? I love tat night! I especially like hearing the speeches and making wax balls! 🙂 It makes me feel like I am really growing in God and it makes me feel good to get a bar or star on my honor band! I hope everyone works really hard towards the challenge! I saw today it is not supposed to rain so have a ball! 🙂 I pray everyone is having an absolutely wonderful time!
    Once again, that is a long comment! 🙂

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