A Little Bit

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A Little Bit
Read This Passage: Proverbs 15:15-18

campcrestridge_15Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure with turmoil. —Proverbs 15:16
IT NEVER CEASES to amaze me how relentless the media are when it comes to reporting on celebrities. You would be hard-pressed to find a news show that doesn’t devote at least a segment to the latest info-tainment story on the rich and famous. What’s the cause of this media focus? The answer unfortunately is supply and demand. Society wants to hear these stories. Did they break up? Are those two really together? How many times will she lose custody of her kids? We want to know!  Camp is great because you don’t have to worry what’s going in the media.  It’s your chance to get away from the “real world”.

As a youth leader, I asked one of the girls in my youth group if her friends get wrapped up in celebrity news and gossip. I expected (or hoped) the answer would be no. Much to my disappointment, her answer was “Oh, yeah!”

So why do we care? Society envies those who seem to have everything—money, fame, beauty. But “everything” without Christ is not everything it is cracked up to be.

Proverbs 15:16 has something to say about that. In God’s eyes, true prosperity doesn’t lie in things; instead, it lies in a focus on God and the things He values. The writer of Proverbs is quick to say that it’s much better to have a little and live in a way that honors God than to have all the treasures of the world and a life filled with turmoil. The treasures of the world simply can’t fill the holes in our lives. Only God can.

Think of the turmoil that these rich newsmakers—the ones in need of Christ—go through. Remember, there is nothing wrong with money, but it is no substitute for the fulfillment only found in Christ. You may have little by the world’s standards, but you’ll be rich in God’s eyes if He alone is your treasure.

Real Choices
Take stock of your life. Keep a log of the things you buy or the activities you devote your time to. After a few days, take a look at your findings. What does your life say you’re chasing: God’s treasures or the world’s? What changes do you need to make?

Digging Deeper
Take a look at Matthew 16:26 as you reflect on today’s message. How do these verses challenge you?

Lord, thank You for everything You have given me. I praise You for Your faithfulness.

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