He Can Handle It. Give It Up.

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POLICE OFFICER, TEACHER, JUDGE, principal, mom, dad, pastor, counselor. What do all these have in common? If there are some not-so-nice words that pop in your head at the thought of these people, then you should stop what you’re doing and pray about that right now. These individuals are in roles of authority. They have been granted authority over you by the state or by God.

Now think about this: when was the last time you really thought about Jesus having ultimate authority over your life?

Read over Mark 1:21-28. Pay attention to verses 25 and 26.
What are some things that jump out at you? (Feel free to take some notes in your Bible.)
 What does verse 24 reveal about Jesus?
Read through verses 25 and 26 again. Jesus’ authority was over both the physical and the spiritual. How does this encourage you?
Why is it important that Jesus taught “as one having authority” and had the power to perform miracles?

There is an Ultimate Authority to which we all are accountable. It would be easier if we recognize that sooner rather than later. The demons in this passage knew who Jesus was. His words sent them into convulsions. The point? There is power in the words of Christ and authority in His very presence. That same authority isn’t lacking from your life. The power of Christ that is over heaven and earth is the same power in you. So why do we have a problem surrendering to Him? What do you need to surrender completely to Christ today?

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