Crestridge Staff Reunion

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Every year on December 27-29, we host our Staff Reunion.  A few weeks ago, 27 staffers came and reunited at Crestridge!  We were able to catch up, eat good food, laugh, share our favorite memories, play at Fun Depot and just relax. A group of people were even brave enough to do a sunrise hike up to Rattlesnake and took in a beautiful sunrise.  We still had a lot of snow around, so those who were from Florida really enjoyed seeing it.  Here’s a look at the fun we had!

Staff on the Pavilion Village Directors

Staff at Fun Depot Most of Staff who Attended Reunion

Those who are coming back to work this summer are so excited for another opportunity to spend a summer with all you wonderful campers!

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10 thoughts on “Crestridge Staff Reunion”

  1. I must say that the sunrise hike was VERY cold, but completely worth it. It was probably the most glorious sunrise I have seen, well in a while atleast!

  2. heyy…. im sooo excited for camp!! im going 4th session (i hope) and a big shoutout to chy. 10 4th session lst year!!!missu guys sooo much!!

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