A Friend We’ll Never Forget

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The girls of Camp Crestridge lost a special friend yesterday, as Arko our beloved camp dog passed away.  Arko has been the faithful companion of our Summer Director, Marva Rawlings for over 13 years. Our thoughts and prayers reach out to her today.  It’s hard to think about our favorite dog not being there to oversee the 4-square courts, or to allow us some good cuddle time when we need it.  We’ll miss you very much Arko.

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27 thoughts on “A Friend We’ll Never Forget”

  1. Thanks so much for honoring Arko with a mention on the blog! He was a faithful and loyal friend to many campers and staffers at Crestridge! He will be missed! OJ and Hobo have big shoes to fill but I am sure they will meet up to the challenge!

  2. I have more pictures of Arko and my daughter Meagan Breeden together than of anything else from her camp days. Meagan found out yesterday at basketball practice and was crushed by the news. Please keep Marva in your prayers daily!

  3. ARKO I WILL MISS U SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! i just found out this morning and now i’m so stinkin depressed. Keep marva in ur prayers

  4. its hard to think of crestridge without arko, i rember my first summer as a chip and taking basketball and arko would try to steal the ball from us as a drill, we will miss him so much

  5. noooooooooooo! it’s so hard to believe that Arko won’t be there to meet us on the first day back to camp… i’ll miss him so much!

  6. O my gosh!!!!!!!Arko was the cutest dog in the world and now we only have Hobo and OJ but we lost a pup and i am so sad. May we keep Marva in our prayers. We love you Arko!

  7. AWWW! I’ll miss Arko! 🙁 I remember whenever someone went down the zip line, he would go chase them and jump in the lake! Also, he would always chase balls down the 4 square/2 square quart. I’ll miss you SO much, Arko!!! I’m praying for you, Marva!

  8. I was so sad to hear about Arko and then Marva’s dad passing away. I’ve been coming back to camp for 8 years now and Arko has defnitely been a huge part of camp! I’ll miss him in the back of the Chapel! Marva – I am praying for you during this difficult time! His Grace is Sufficient…Love to you all!!

  9. I’m gonna miss Arko so much. He was such a great dog and camp will never be the same without him. I have been at camp for 6 years and one of the things I loved the most about camp was Arko. Marva is in my prayers and I wish her all the best. Even though this is a tragic event I know Arko is in a better place now.

  10. We miss u Arko!!!! I only got to see u for 1 year though…
    Marva will be in our prayers. I hope she gets a new dog.

  11. I cant believe arko is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =,'( I loved him sooooo much and am so sad. Im keeping marva in my prayers for sure.

  12. i’m sad that arko died!! :[ if marva gets a new dog,she should name it after something that has to do with camp!


  14. Ohhhh I am so sad to hear about Arco.He was so special and sweet.I will miss him this summer.I am praying for you Miss Marva and can’t wait to see you this summer.I love camp!!!!!!!

  15. omg im going to miss arko! he was such a good doggy! i know how marva feels…i too lost a dog. its very hard, but they r in better places! 🙂 both arko and marva will b in my prayers! <3
    R.I.P. Arko and Jewel (my dog)

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