Don’t Be Afraid of Suffering

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Crestridge Slide“HOW MANY TIMES DO I have to tell you?” “If I had a quarter for every time I told you how to do that, I would be rich.” Do these statements sound familiar? Sometimes we just don’t get it, even though something has been explained to us over and over. It just doesn’t click. What is something you just don’t get?

Read Mark 10:32-40. Read verse 39 aloud.
What did James and John ask Jesus?
What was Jesus’ response?

What cup was Jesus going to drink? (What was going to happen to Him?)

What kind of persecution do followers of Christ experience today?
In what ways have you experienced persecution for following Jesus?

If you were to live more boldly for Jesus, what persecution would you experience?

The disciples—how much they remind me of myself! Jesus had told them very specifically what was going to happen to Him, and their only concern was sharing in His greatness. They wanted to rule beside Him in a place of honor. They didn’t get it! They didn’t get that Jesus was going to be persecuted, suffer, and die. They didn’t get that anyone who boldly follows Jesus will also experience persecution and suffering.

Whenever you wholeheartedly live for Jesus, it will offend the world, and you will suffer for your faith. It’s a guarantee! However you are also guaranteed that Jesus loves you, is with you, and will one day reward your faithfulness. That is something Jesus doesn’t mind telling you over and over again. Make sure you
get it!

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