You Can’t Always Have Your Own Way

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Crestridge CampfireYOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! Have you ever heard a younger sibling , camper, or little kid say these words to you? That just goes to show that it’s human nature to resist authority. We all want our own way!

How do you handle authority in your life? Do you always do what your parents ask you to do without complaining? Do you treat your teachers, counselors, and authority with respect? Are you careful to obey traffic laws? The Bible gives us specific instructions about relating to authorities in our lives.

Read Romans 13:1-7. Take a closer look at verse 1.

Who is required to submit to the governing authorities?

According to these verses, what is the relationship between God and those in authority?

What happens if we refuse to obey governing powers?

Do “governing authorities” include parents and school authorities? Explain.

What should we do if those in authority rule against Christian principles?

Paul wrote this letter to the Romans in a time of religious persecution and dishonest government. The message is as clear today as it was then: God directs us to submit to the ruling authorities even if they are not perfect examples of good leadership. By doing this, Christians can be good citizens and will not bring punishment on themselves.

These guidelines apply as much today as they did in the past. By listening to parents, respecting school officials, and obeying laws, we are submitting to the authority that God has allowed in our lives. Maybe people will see something different in our lives and wonder why we treat those in authority with such respect. This may introduce them to the most important authority in our lives, Jesus Christ.

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