March’s Free Store Winner!

Posted by Karah

The Big Winner for our March Free Store Drawing is none other than Allison Bunce!  Thanks to Allison’s comments on our Blog she will be receiving her very favorite Store choices: a Hershy’s Bar and Pibb Extra, in the mail soon!  We hope this little snack will hold you over until you can get to camp this summer and enjoy it on a daily basis.  Allison will be coming back this summer to the mighty Choctaw Village and enjoy her favorite skill: Choir!

Jump Muddy Love Messy Smiles

Remember, if you want a Free Store in your mailbox at home you have to comment, and maybe next month you could win!  Summer’s getting closer, HOORAY!!

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16 thoughts on “March’s Free Store Winner!”

  1. cool!i cant wait to win either. ill be new to camp this summer and i cant wait to come!! im so excited!!

  2. haha i know how you feel arden i wanted to win too…. but oh well!!! oh and congrats to allison bunce!

  3. Hey im am so excited! I will be new to camp this summer!
    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Noelle are you new to camp this summer if so i am too! i hope you are in chickasaw with me! what session are you in? im in session 2.

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