April’s Free Store Winner!

Posted by Karah

We want to send out a big Congratulations to this month’s Free Store Winner- Keller Anderson.  Because of Keller’s wonderful commenting she will be munching on some yummy Peanut Butter M&Ms and washing them down with a cool, refreshing swig of Cheerwine- nothing will get you excited about summer quite like that! Keller is so excited about coming back to camp to reunite with some old counselors and friends, as well as see all the new cabins!

Messy Smiles Happy Climbers

Keller will be enjoying life as a Choctaw this summer, and we cannot wait for her and the rest of you to get here!  Remember if you want to receive a Free Store in the mail, all you have to do is comment and your name goes into the drawing.  Summer is approaching quickly, are you getting excited?

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89 thoughts on “April’s Free Store Winner!”

  1. congrats, keller! and YES i’m sooooo excited… its practically all I talk about, just ask my friends! I can’t wait to see the new cabins… I know i’ll miss the old ones, but it’ll be nice to have (semi) clean bathrooms again.

  2. YAY KELLER!!! CHICK 3 from 2 YEARS AGO!!!!! i for sure miss the old cabins… i loved reading the signatures!!!!!! cu at camp keller!!

  3. Same with me Katlitlin! Oh you were in my cabin last year! What session are you going? I am going 2a! Congrats Keller! Mabye I can win next time! I REALLY want to!!

  4. are the bunk bed new too???? oh and can i win store if i already one before???? will you continue giving ou store over summer …. for those people who are going 3rd and 4th session????? i miss you all and cant wait to see all of you !!!! i will be a choctaw for the first time in third session…. and i am sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Hannah! I’ll be going 2A and 2B, so we should see each other around during 2A! Oh, and I think the more you comment the more times your name is put in the drawing so just keep commenting and you’ll probably win. Can’t wait for camp…. (:

  6. Just so you know the bunk beds are the same as we’ve had in years past. And also, this month (MAY) will be the last Free Store Drawing we do until summer is over. But please continue to comment, anyone can win- it’s just whoever we pick in our random drawing.

  7. So are some bunkbeds new and the rest old? I was in choctaw 17 last summer, one of the re-done cabins and we had new beds and mattresses. Is that not the case this year, or are the new beds going to be distributed at random? I am very excited for camp! Cant wait to be a choctaw 1a!!!

  8. Oh I will cu there Katilin! I can’t wait to go back! I LOVE Crestridge!!!!!! Only 68 more days till I go to camp and 16 more days till I get out of school!!!!

  9. i am a choctaw! yay keller i am sooo excited to see you but, do you remember julia? well she is going 1b 🙁 she really wants to see you so i need to get a pic of us together… hannah wat village are you in?? i cant wait to be blobbed again! ….kathleen, can we sign on the beds since they are old? well cant wait to see you all there! oh and hannah…. it will be very nice to meet you!!!

  10. 18 days left of school… then only 64 days till session 2a!! cant wait to see you guys there!

  11. a bunch of my friends go to camp here….so at random moments we will burst out in either “i just wanna be a sheep…babababa” or “oh you cant get to heaven!” we have sooooooooooooooo much fun and ALL wish camp was year-round!! oh and do you think you could post another update on the cabins? i really want to see them!!!!!!!!
    hahaha my mom and brother both point out the fact that i practally thrive on this website! as soon as i come home my mom always says” delaney! unpack your lunch!” and my response is ” hold on for just a second! im checking the crestridge website!” and she just laughs!
    i really hope my cabin is at the bottom of the hill this year…after suffering from being a cheyenne! well, if it isnt, then i guess that i will just be EXTRA tired during rest hour!
    i remember two years ago, i had horsemanship then volleyball, and i thought it was bad that i had to run back up to the chickasaw 3 (it used to be called that)(and it used to be the highest up) but last year i had horsemanship then rockclimbing, while i was a cheyenne, so my friend and i made up this trick…wear your shorts under your jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………………… gosh! my mom is right! i can ramble on for hours about camp!!!!!!!! i will see you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and to keller and ragan…..cant wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hannah I get out the same time,but we do go to the same school!!!!!!! I only have about 30 or so more days till CAMP I AM SO HAPPY IT IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!SEE you at school tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. <3 u keller…only like 49 days till 1b…so excited!!! 🙂 keller what sessions u goin???

  14. I am about to be in Chickasaw again!!! Delaney, it will be very nice to meet you too! Oh! I was in chick 3 (now chick 7) last year! I thought it was bad too.

  15. ahhhhhh i have been looking for too this years camp since i pulled out of camp last year!!!!!!!!!!!! my bff is coming! and ill be a cheyenne!!!!!!ekkkkk! 2a rocks!!!!!

  16. Hannah, you’ll be a chickasaw again?? I thought we were in the last year of chickasaw last year, and anyways its only for people just finishing 5th grade!! i’m finishing eighth grade so i should be a choctaw, but im going to be a cheyenne instead just to get that yellow honor band. maybe we’ll be in the same cabin, Katie!! (9 more days of school, 68 days till I leave for camp)

  17. i know, itd be soooooo fun to go 8 weeks… im going 4 weeks this year though which is still lots of fun 😀 hannah, nope im in eighth grade! either way we’ll see each other around. so are you doing 2a AND 2b or just 2a?

  18. I am going just 2a. I wish I was going all summer but four weeks would be nice two. But if I was going two weeks I would go 1b and 2a. A bunch of my friends from school (like 8 of them) are going then but my cousins and one of my best friends are going then so thats when I’am going. But I am going four weeks next year for sure!

  19. I wish I had a time machine so I could skip to the times when I go to camp! Or have camp be all year long! That would be so awsome!!!

  20. Only 28 more days till 1a!!!Kaitlyn, I am in 8th grade too, this year I will be a second year choctaw though.So you are going to be a cheyenne with girls two and three years younger than you? I went a month as a cheyenne it was amazing 1a-1b. I would like to stay a month next year as well so I can try for Belle. What year is this for you guys at camp? Its my fourth.

  21. omg this is gonna be my fifth year at camp and my first year in choctaw! but i am going to 2B so i won’t see any of you there 🙁

  22. I am very excited!!!Final exams next week, but it is kind of hard to study when all you can do is think about camp! Also I thought I should tell yall a funny story. I had a dream last night that we were in the crestridge line and my two friends were calling me asking where i was. In my dream I sent a text message saying “I am first in line, meet me at crestridge sign.In choctaw 20, what about you?” Then I woke up this morning and had unread text messages saying “what the heck”. I looked at my sent items and apparently at 1:32am I had really sent that message, to 10 random people. Except it was more like “Foirst un lign. Meet me at crostoridnge sagin. In chickatow 20, whet about you?”. I WAS TEXTING IN MY SLEEP ABOUT CAMP!!!

  23. kacey, including starter camp this is i think my 5th year, possibly 6th. and yes the cheyennes will be about one year younger then me but its ok. cant wait for camp!!! and tilley, i’m going to 2A and 2B so we might see each other…. 51 days till i leave for camp yay!!

  24. well hannah…. what time do the gates open? mabye we could meet in the line on the way in?!?!?!?! just tell me what your car looks like….and my car is a white minivan and the license plate says 9DY as the last 3 digits!!! cu there!!

  25. I have a white suburban with a paw print that says TFA (my school)on the side and and has a gator license plate. I will check the digits later. And I think the gates open at 10:00 or 11:00. I’m not sure. Cu there!!!

  26. FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i asked my mom if i could start packing and she said no!:(

  27. Wow katie I wish I were you, we dont get out till June 9th! However,only 20 more days till camp crestridge!!!! 🙂

  28. wow 52 comments haha!! i get out of school this coming friday… may 28th cant wait!!!!! 46 more days till i leave for camp 🙁 i wish it was sooner… oh and the gates open at 11 am if you were wondering. we always get there around 10 and we’re still at the back of the line! so who else is excited about the new cabins?

  29. Hahah kaitlin in order to be at the front of the line you have to be there at like 6!!! Also normally the peple who are first stay the night at the conference center. what the do is park their car the night before and walk to the conference center, then in the morning walk to their car.

  30. Oh Kaitlin I was 30 in line last year and I got there at 7:30! Oh and you know Caroline, Kaitlin, from last year they got there at 6:45 and they where 2nd in line.

  31. kacey, that’s actually a good idea… and hannah, i could never wait for like 4 hours, even to be at the front of the line… i’m usually pretty far back but as soon as i get the nametag with my cabin on it i grab my laundry bag (which i keep separate from my trunk and fill with my bedding) and jump out so i can head to the cabin and make my bed without having to wait for my car and trunk… that way i dont get to horrible of a bunk. i wonder if we’re getting new bunks to go with the new cabins or keeping the old ones? i hope we’re keeping the old ones so we can keep signing them…

  32. I am so excited I really want to find out who my counselors are and who is in my cabin! only 18 more days!

  33. that’s what I did last year but my cousins, my friends, and I are going to get there really early so we can be first.

  34. Only twelve more days! One more tuesday till chicken tender tuesday and one more sunday till sing speration!!! I am very excited!

  35. awww kacey you are lucky that you’re going to 1a!! i still have to wait like months 🙁 have fun!!!

  36. Only 11 more days and I have already packed!!! 🙂 One week and two days till I leave for camp!

  37. OMG Caroline cash is your cousin….thts funny! anyway….what grade ru in…..i have friends tht go to tfa!!!! well….do u no lily taylor (6th) lindsey strube (7th) luke carter (3rd or 4th) conrad carter (6th)

  38. my bff got there at 8:00 lst yr and was 2nd in line….so i waited with her!!!!
    luv yall! cu session 2a!!!!!!

  39. Yep she is my cousin. I know all those people except for lindsey. How do you know Caroline?

  40. well i dont know her but my friend does…taylor ariko….and well i was on this blog and she saw hannah cash, so she was like “oh i no caroline cash! r they related….and i said tht i doubt it but idk! and now i no tht u 2 r related… wow 70 comments we sure can talk!!

  41. i wish i could go for a month!!!!!! i would like give up sports just to go to camp!!!!!! i am soo jealous of camp starting soon!!!!!! and yeah kaitlyn maybe we will be in the same cabin!!! hopefully! i have to meet u when u go to camp!

  42. wow 73 comments!! i wonder why crestridge hasn’t posted any new news yet? its been like a month since they posted this one… i guess maybe they’re waiting for camp to start so they can post about that? oh well. they’re posting more stuff on their facebook, so i usually just go there(:

  43. AHHHH camp fever!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!! my dreams are only about camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhh!! 30 days!!!!!!!!!!! yippie! will there be a may drawing? for free store i mean?? cant wait to see you all there…. and hannah i will c u there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! haha i think my parens are ready for me to leave too….because that is all i can talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!! SEE YOU ALL AT CAMP CRESTRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and does anybody know the names of some camp sonngs… i keep singing the same ones over and over, and my parents are getting tiered of it!!!

  44. CAMP CRESTRIDE 2010 STARTS TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  45. IN 2 WEEKS IM GOING TO CAMP IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. sooooooooooooooooooooo close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippie!!!!!!

  47. 20 days till i leave for camp!! yayyyyyyy! 😀 and when is crestridge going to update this news page? the “maintain the memories” post has been up for more then a month o.O

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