Be Strong!

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The Zip Line!SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL, popular, and recently engaged. And she was dying. Yet she still smiled, peace radiating from her. Ashley had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was 17, and last October, her battled ended. She was 23, and those of us in her church family still miss her smiling face now, a year later. If you knew Ashley, that smile is what you would remember. Ashley praised God despite the circumstances. Ashley knew it was God who gave her strength, ordered her steps, and held her hand.

Read Habakkuk 3:16-19. Pore over verse 19. What does it mean to you?

What was Habakkuk’s response to the greatness of God?

How do Habakkuk’s words reflect an acknowledgment that God is in control and trustworthy?

From where does Habakkuk’s confidence come?

Habakkuk listed hard things in his life. What are the hard things in your life? What steps will you take to rejoice in the Lord despite these things?

What does it mean that God can make your steps sure, like those of a deer?

Do you really believe God has the power to do that in your life? Explain.

Hard times come. Ashley knew it, and so do you. This life isn’t fair. Distress, disaster, stress, and terrible times can easily overwhelm us and leave us questioning our ability to stand firm in the faith. Like Habakkuk, we need to recognize that our strength comes from God alone. Only He can make us strong and steadfast, guide our steps, and write a testimony of His power in the story of our lives. Part of standing strong in the faith is realizing you can’t do it on your own. You must trust Him and borrow His strength.

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