You Can Handle The Truth

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Camp Ridgecrest HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ACCUSED of something you didn’t do? Perhaps it was a sibling trying to put blame on you for something he or she did. Or maybe a teacher punished you for something that wasn’t your fault. How did you feel knowing the truth when other people around you didn’t? How did you respond in that situation?

Read Mark 15:6-15 and focus on verses 9 and 10 to see when Jesus was falsely accused.
Who was accusing Jesus?

Concentrating on verses 9 and 10, why was Jesus being accused?

What emotion did the accusers let get in the way of doing the right thing?
What was Jesus’ punishment?

Did He deserve this punishment?

Jesus had done nothing wrong and yet the people were shouting for His death. Notice that the crowds accusing Jesus were being egged on by the chief priests, the religious leaders of that day! These men knew the Scriptures by heart and were devoted by all outward appearances, yet they were shouting for an innocent man to be put to death.

It’s easy for us to judge those people. But put yourself on the side of the accusers. Has there ever been a time when you put your thoughts and feelings first, even to the extent of hurting someone else? Sometimes it’s easy to be led by your emotions instead of reason. With all the competing voices, beliefs, and emotions we face, it’s easy to be swayed from what we know is right. That’s when we should strive to hold onto the truth, no matter what.

Is there a part of the Bible that you know to be true but are ignoring? It’s time to face off with the truth.

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