When you know God, you really worship

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It used to be rusty. Very rusty, with torn seats and cracked windows. (Almost like an old Camp truck.) But even then, it looked like a million bucks to him. As he stared at the 1967 pickup truck, he remembered back to his childhood when he spent hours riding in it with his grandpa. Those images brought a tear to his eye. He’d spent 10 years restoring that truck to what it looked like the day his grandpa drove it off the car lot, and now, he was proudly driving it to his first car show.

Focus on verse 2 as you read 2 Samuel 6:1-5.

How many men did David gather together out of Israel?

What was the task David gave his men?

What was the name of the ark?

What was the great significance of the ark?

On what did they place the ark?

What does verse 5 say David and his men were doing?

Why was the ark of the covenant considered holy?

What did showing respect to the ark have to do with showing respect to God?

How do you show respect and honor to God with your life?

David recognized the great value of the ark of the covenant. It was the earthly throne of Israel’s God. It wasn’t valuable because it was made of exotic wood or priceless gold, but rather because of the Name attached to it. Think about the man with the truck at the beginning of today’s devotion. That truck was valuable to him because he knew the original owner. It wouldn’t have had such value if it were just any old truck. The ark was valuable to David and his men because the Name of God was attached to it. To respect the ark was to respect God. The point? True worship means knowing the One we worship. It only comes from a relationship with our Holy God.

He and all his troops set out to bring the ark of God from Baale-judah. The ark is called by the Name, the name of Yahweh of Hosts who dwells between the cherubim.
—2 Samuel 6:2

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