Winners coming soon…Will you be one?

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Alright folks, this month’s secret mission is coming to a close soon. You have until Monday the 18th to get those pictures in. So far we have had some great submissions, both from campers and staff. And since the deadline is quickly approaching, any camper or staffer that includes Ron Springs in their picture will get extra points! That’s right, you get a picture with you in a camp t-shirt standing beside our esteemed director, you will instantly be rocketed to top of the submission pile. It is not too late to enter! Now get out there and show us your camp spirit!

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite submissions thus far…

Cari Phillips is Chillin' like a Cherokee

Mary Massey helps out at an orphanage in Russia

Some of your favorite boys' and girls' camp staffers went to the Mississippi State vs Georgia Football Game

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2 thoughts on “Winners coming soon…Will you be one?”

  1. jaklin is that you in that kool dress im in 1a 1b session simming is still awsome hope to see more picturs

  2. GO MSU!! I cant wait for cmap its gonna be so awsome especially with my old friends!!! come on summer cant you come alittle faster!?

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