The Cost.

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Read 2 Peter 2:9-14.

Murders. Robberies. Hit-and-run accidents. Have you ever watched the news and been astonished by the things people do with little thought about the consequences ?

But that I-can-do-what-I-want attitude extends to more than heinous crimes; it’s a part of our everyday lives and daily decisions. We think we can say whatever we want, make morally questionable decisions, and choose to live in opposition to God’s standard with little or no consequences.

There’s a problem with that logic. If you are a Christian, then you have submitted your rights to Christ; He has control of your life. There is a standard by which you have been called to live and choosing to live in opposition to it has consequences.

Scripture clearly outlines those consequences, as seen in today’s harshly worded passage. Paul’s words were aimed at false teachers who thought they could do, say, and teach whatever they wanted. Yet Paul said the consequences of their disobedience would destroy them.

As a believer, you may sometimes choose to live in opposition to God’s standard. That doesn’t mean you lose your salvation, but it also doesn’t mean that God erases the consequences of your sin. When you sin, there are always consequences—sometimes devastating ones.

God has called you to more than that. Count the cost of your choices today and choose obedience. Once Christ has freed you from sin, why would you want to go back to it?

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