Retro Friday: Camper Day

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If you came to camp after 1998, you missed out on an activity called “Camper Day”.  Camper Day was a day during the session when the majority of the staff took off and the campers were in charge.  Campers became counselors, skill directors, and even the Summer Director!  Each cabin would vote on who they wanted as their counselor.  The staff would elect campers to take the Director positions.  Now I don’t want you to think that there was no supervision in camp.  There were some staff who stayed like Johnnie or Marva, the Horseback, Waterfront and the Crafts Directors.  If I were a camper on that day, it sounds like it would be pretty fun!  But I’m not sure that it was as fun for the Directors who stayed in camp.  Camper Day was an activity from 1955-1998.  If any of you have Camper Day stories, we’d love to hear them!


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5 thoughts on “Retro Friday: Camper Day”

  1. camper day was always exciting. I remember the year Holly Lovette Swinsick and I got to wear Susan Cheatham’s and Shannon Boyd McNamara’s infamous ” Tri G” hats…..we thought we were something! — you wore the staff shirts and badges and they would eeven leave u a sweet gift! Actually it wasn’t bad to stay in camp as a staffer- I truly enjoyed staying and being a “ghost staffer” with Kay Kelly Jenkins. The kids were only allowed to approach us in case of an emergency. Great fun, but that was back in the day when camp was a 4 week camp!

  2. Camper Day was so fun….actually, in my 16 years at Crestridge the girls in the cabin didn’t vote like it mentions in the paragraph above, but the staff picked the campers and all the names were announced by Johnnie at dinner. People went nuts and were screaming with excitement! My favorite years were the ones Nan Ellen Nelson and I were the music directors. Wearing Judye Mac’s badge was so special, since she was one of my favorite people in the world! The best part about the day, however, was actually at night, when we had a “staff” pizza party in the staff lounge. 🙂 Camper Day…ahh, the memories.

  3. I was always on the music staff either playing the piano or being the director…it was fun…my last Camper Day, I was selected to be Miss Bell, the camp director! What an honor and what a memory!

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