You Have Been Rescued From Sin

Posted by Melissa

Read Romans 6:1-4.

Finally, after two months, the helicopter spotted you and rescued you from the tiny, forsaken island! Relief flooded you from head to toe. Last night was the first night you spent back in your own bed.

When the morning sun flooded the room, you opened your eyes. Laid out on a chair were new jeans and a T-shirt in your favorite colors and brands. You smiled. As you got up to put them on, you saw in the trash can the tatters that had been your clothes as a castaway. You pulled them out, smelly and torn. You stared at them fondly for a minute. Then you put them on and walked downstairs.

Crazy? Yes! But not as crazy as living in death and defeat after you have received new life in Christ.

Christ has rescued us from sin and given us a new set of clothes to put on each day. When we get up each day, we have a decision to make. We can reach for old tatters (like an old attitude that constantly reminds you that you aren’t worth anything)—or we can reach for the attitude of Christ that reassures us we are significant because He loves us and has rescued us.

Do you have a favorite attitude that you put on each day? What is it? Now think about what attitude Christ would have you wear instead. You have been rescued from that! Live like it today!

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