Free For What

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Read Galatians 5:13-15.

After the death of her mother-in-law, a woman was forced to care for her husband’s aged father. He was a feeble old man with palsy that caused him to shake. He couldn’t get food to his mouth without spilling it all over her clean tablecloth and waxed dining room floor. The mess infuriated her. Finally, she relegated her father-in-law to the kitchen where he ate alone. Despite the old man’s discomfort, she was pleased he no longer caused a mess. Her family could eat in peace.

The woman could have treated her father-in-law with kindness and compassion. Instead, she used her freedom to treat him selfishly.

Paul first wrote the Scripture you read today to the Galatians, reminding them that it was possible to misuse the freedom Christ had given them. We have not been set free from sin in order to give into our desires or to live selfishly. Instead, as Paul pointed out, the freedom we’ve been given as believers is the freedom to love others—and out of that love, to serve others.

Consider the freedom you have—freedom in how you use your time, money, and words, as well as freedom from sin. Do you see your freedom as license to do what you want? Or do you see it as an opportunity to serve others in Jesus’ name?

The truth is, you have been set free. Free to serve. Free to love. Free to make your life about more than your own selfish desires. You are free. Use your freedom well!

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