No Pride

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It’s the cocky guy who has a “better-than” attitude and pushes you around. It’s the popular girl who wields her power, crushing you when you try to get in her way.

You’ve seen these characters portrayed throughout pop culture in films and books. The reality, though, is that you know people just like them. Pride is at the core of who they are.

Read over Romans 12:13-16, paying close attention to verse 16.

How are you encouraged to treat others—especially those who create conflict with you—in these verses?

What does it mean to pursue hospitality? How will you do so this week?

With whom in your life are you not in agreement? What steps will you take so that you are?

How have you seen your own pride get in the way of resolving a conflict?

In a culture that tells you, “You’re number one in your life, and no one else matters,” pride is quick to jump in the front seat when you’re facing conflict with someone else head-on. In verse 16, Paul says three very important things that are extremely opposite of what you’ve been told:

• Live in harmony.

• Don’t be arrogant.

• Don’t be a know-it-all. Be humble.

Based on that, here’s a new and improved role you can play: drop the pride, take on humility, and reach out to the ones you disagree with. That’s bound to get people talking!

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