No Hope

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Over and over, Jeremiah had made God’s point clear: judgment for sin was coming. He had pointed to their disobedience and railed against their hard hearts, but the people still remained unrepentant. Now, Jeremiah told the people that they were going to get to face the consequences of their sin: invasion by the Babylonians.

2 READ JEREMIAH 8:14-17 to get the peoples’ reaction to Jeremiah’s prophesy. Focus on verse 15.

How would you describe their reaction to the coming invasion?

Why do you think they reacted that way? Explain.

What would your reaction have been? Why?

The people seem rather hopeless here. Why do you think sinfulness often leads to such a feeling of despair and hopelessness?

When we allow sin to separate us from God, we will feel hopeless and alone. When you are mired in your sin and facing the consequences of sinful choices, it is never too late to turn to God with absolute repentance. Don’t wait!


Think back to a time when you really messed up, yet hesitated to ask God for help. What happened? What did you learn? When you finally did repent, how did it affect your relationship with God? Your perspective? What consequences did you face. Jot down your thoughts and your thankfulness that God has provided a way for you to be reconciled to Him through Jesus as a prayer in your journal.

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