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Who’s the most encouraging person in your life? You know, the one who reminds you of what’s really important. The one who lifts you up, prays for you, and sticks by you when you’re suffering or life is just hard. Jot down the first few names that come to mind.

Read Jeremiah 38:7-13. Think through these questions:

In these verses, who stood up for Jeremiah?

Do you think it took courage for Ebed-Melech to stand up for Jeremiah? Why or why not? What risks might he have undertaken in order to help Jeremiah?

Think about a time when you’ve felt defeated or abandoned. Who stood up for you?

Being abandoned at the bottom of a cistern was probably a spiritual low point for Jeremiah. What has been your spiritual low point? Who encouraged you in your faith during that time? What did you learn?

The Point
As a Christian, you don’t have to handle opposition or tough times on your own. In times of trial and suffering, God will provide people, His Word, and His presence to encourage you and lift you up, just like He did for Jeremiah.

Take Action
Look at that list of encouragers you created earlier. Over the next few weeks, find a way to express your appreciation to those people. Write them a Facebook message, send a note, or call them up. Just express your thanks for how they have encouraged you in your faith.

Maybe you’re not the one who’s discouraged or going through a tough time. Who do you know who needs an “Ebed-Melech” in his or her life? What steps will you take to encourage that person this week?

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