What’s The Attraction?

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Do you go to church . . .

  • to see your friends?
  • because you think the speaker is cool?
  • to learn about God?
  • because your parents want you to?
  • because the music and media stuff entertains you?
  • to serve others?

    Read Matthew 5:1-2. Ask yourself:

What do these verses tell you about why the disciples came to where Jesus was?

Do you go to church for the same reason? Why or why not?

Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? Explain. If so, how is it challenging or changing you?

Think About It
Today’s Scripture passage describes a huge crowd. In today’s church culture, we’d get so excited. We’d roll out a sweet sound system, set up a stage, bring in a cool worship leader, and put together a PowerPoint presentation complete with info about upcoming events for the big screens. Jesus didn’t operate that way, though. In fact, He did the exact opposite. When He saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain and sat down. He didn’t have to try to draw people to Him; those who longed to know Truth came to Him and listened. The stuff wasn’t the attraction. Jesus was. Jesus still is.

The Point
True disciples of Christ don’t need to be entertained; they know they need a personal relationship with Him that challenges and changes them. Jesus’ disciples came to Him to be taught, to learn what it means to follow Him. Do you do the same?

Take Action
What are some ways you will spend time with Jesus this week so that He can challenge and change you? Comment a few ideas below, or jot them down In your journal.

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