Be Real

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Fake diamonds. Fake money. Fake eyelashes. Fake Moustaches (at Camp) Fake Picassos. Fake you?

Read Matthew 5:8-9. In what ways are you sometimes tempted to fake righteousness? It’s something we all struggle with from time to time, but true believers have a deep-seated inward desire to pursue the things of God. God knows your heart—you can’t fake faith with Him. Take some time right now to get real with God. In your journal, write your honest prayer about where you currently stand with Him.

Behind the Story
The religion God’s people had come to know was one of hypocrisy. The religious leaders of the day faked righteousness by doing all sorts of outwardly religious things. They went to church, gave offerings, obeyed the commandments (when people were watching), and even prayed out loud. But their hearts were impure—they were far from God (Matt. 23:25-28).

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