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Think about the last few days. What are some laws or codes of conduct you’ve chosen to obey? List as many as you can think of in your journal, or in the comment field below.

When you choose to obey a law, rule, or a person, you give them authority in your life. You allow them to determine how you will live. As believers, Scripture is supposed to have authority in our lives. Did it make your list?

• The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience • [often with infinitive ] the right to act in a specified way, delegated from one person or organization to another

• To meet the requirements of (a business order) • bring to completion or reality; achieve or realize (something desired, promised, or predicted)


Read Matthew 5:17-19 in your Bible.

What do you think it means that Jesus came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets?
What do these verses teach you about the authority Scripture should have in your life?
Does Scripture have authority in your life? Why or why not?


Behind the Story

In today’s passage, “the Law” refers to the first five books of the Old Testament and “the Prophets” is a reference to the Old Testament history books and those by the major and minor prophets. Jesus knew that His audience made the Law into a checklist of do’s and don’ts. He wanted to free them from the burden of being tied to the checklist, but He didn’t come to get rid of the Law. Jesus came to fulfill it and to make right what we couldn’t do on our own. But until it’s all said and done, the words of the Bible are ours to live by.
Take Action

Scripture is full of promises from God. But it’s also full of expectations for your Christian life. These expectations aren’t rules for the sake of rules, but rules that bring joy because of how Christ has transformed you. In your journal, list three verses from Scripture that challenge the way you live. How will you live in obedience to them this week?

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