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“I forgot.” or “It’s not my fault!”

Think about times in the past when you let someone down. What excuses did you give for your behavior?
It’s human nature to try to excuse or justify our bad behavior. But as Christians, we simply can’t rationalize our sin, even when society accepts it.

Read Matthew 5:27-32 to learn more. After you’ve read through the verses several times, ask yourself some tough questions:

Addicts tend to rationalize their behavior. As sin addicts, so do we. How do you rationalize the sin in your life?

If you could sit with Jesus, like a friend, and talk through your reasoning, what do you believe He would say?

Check out verses 29-30. What is God’s attitude toward sin? How would you write these verses using modern-day examples?

The Point

Sin is sin. We can rationalize it and make excuses for our sin, but that doesn’t make it OK. True disciples of Christ don’t excuse their sin; they put a stop to thoughts and behaviors that lead to sin.

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