Motivation Matters

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Question: What do all three of these things have in common?

A grand slam to win the game in the bottom of the
ninth inning.
An encore from the band at a sold-out concert.
A camper who gets tapped out for Little Chief or Belle.

Answer: They’re all things that get a lot of attention. For weeks to come, people will talk about these feats. There might be news coverage, and Twitter and Facebook will be teeming with comments on the topic.

Think about the last time you did something that got a lot of public recognition or attention. What did you do? Why? Was getting all that attention a motivating factor for you to do it?


Read Matthew 6:1-4 in your Bible.

What do these verses teach you about your motivation to give to others? Explain.

When have you done something good or even godly because you wanted people to take notice or applaud you? What do these verses say about that kind of attitude?

What does it mean to be a hypocrite? Are there areas of your life in which you’re being a hypocrite? Explain.


• a person who claims to to have moral standards or beliefs to which his or her own behavior does not conform; pretense.

The Point
Jesus clearly expects giving to those in need to be a vital part of His followers’ lives. But motivation matters—and when we give, it isn’t about getting attention or making a name for ourselves. Instead, we should give quietly, out of a desire to please God.


Take Action
What are some ways you could put Jesus’ teachings about how to give into practice right now? List three ways you’ll do so this week.

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