Always Together

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Think about things that should always go together. Now, list as many as you can think of. Don’t worry! We’ve started the list for you.

  • PB&J
  • Baseball and hot dogs
  • Salt and pepper
  • (make your list in the comment below…)

Now, read Luke 2:36-38. 
Pay close attention to verse 37.

If you were describing Anna and her devotion to God, what would you say?
Could the same be said of you? Why or why not?
How would you define fasting? Why?
According to verse 37, what did Anna do while she was worshiping at the temple?
What is the relationship between fasting and prayer? Is fasting just abstaining from something or should you also devote time to prayer when you’re fasting? Explain.

The Point

Fasting isn’t just about not doing something. For Christians, it should be closely tied to prayer and studying God’s Word. The purpose of fasting is to draw near to God, better understand His purposes, and discern His will.

Take Action

Anna was faithfully devoted to God as she waited for Him to fulfill His promise to Israel. What are you waiting for God to fulfill in your life? How can you spend that time focusing on God and serving Him? List a few ideas below.

Week In Review

Take some time today to think over all the things you’ve learned in your time with God this week.

The motivation behind your giving, praying, and fasting matters. Are you doing those things because they’re expected or get a lot of attention?

We have a tendency to want to measure our righteousness by the things we do for God. In what areas of your life have you noticed that kind of attitude?

In light of the Scripture you’ve studied this week, what changes do you think God is calling you to make?

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