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Lessons in Loveliness

Belles and Queen Crester 1957

At Crestridge we have all kinds of skills, from basketball to crafts to archery to outdoor living. Back in the early years of camp, we had a few skills that we don’t have anymore. One of them was called Lessons in Loveliness. Every camper took this skill. They learned about manners, how to set a table correctly, how to make a bed, and how to clean their cabin.

There have been a lot of skills that have been added and changed at camp over the years. Are there any new skills that YOU think would be a good addition to camp?

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3 thoughts on “Retro Friday”

  1. I think a good skill would be a skill called camping . girls could learn how to start a fire ,and learn how to camp if they ever were to go camping away from camp or at camp .they could also learn what to do if they ever got lost camping. I think that would be a really interesting and fun skill to learn and would be very useful if you were going camping

  2. tree climbing i i defenetly want t climb every tree at camp or even tiprope walking that would be fun or maybe thats me

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