Retro Friday

Posted by Karah

The Crestridge emblem. We seeĀ it on our sweatshirts, the stained glass in the chapel, promotional posters, and all kinds of other IMG_6646places and things. Have you ever really thought about it before? When you think about it, it may seem kind of strange. It’s a circle, with sort of a square shape, and it has an arrow and a horseshoe. Does it actually mean something?

As a matter of fact, it does! The horseshoe stands for the sincere best wishes that we have as the camper comes to camp to find her piercing purpose (arrow) in life. As she does this, we believe that completion (circle) comes in growth in spiritual, mental, physical, and social areas of life (four points). It’s so cool to think that, from the beginning of camp, so much thought was being put into even the seemingly small details.

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