Construction Update

Posted by Karah

Everything is moving so fast now at camp, it’s almost hard to keep up! Here are a few highlights since last time:

IMG_3306The pool is coming along really well! The frame has been dug out and they are starting to lay the pipework as well.

IMG_3308The Upper Crafts building has all the walls and roof up now.



The Choctaw cabins are almost all up!

IMG_3311It was hard to get a good picture, but the floor is laid for the second floor of the Dining Hall and walls are starting to go up.

Thanks for keeping up with the improvements at camp! Please continue to pray for efficiency in the construction progress as we move toward the summer.



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3 thoughts on “Construction Update”

  1. Oh man sharon can you please get in touch with the president and tell him to make summer tomorrow PLEASE. I am dying to jump in that pool and slide the slide! oh i forgot raid boys camp

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