Retro Friday

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Almost all of us have been in the Drama Den or OAP room at some point or another.┬áThese rooms are special because the walls contain generations of names and memories from camp. Have you campers ever noticed some parts on the wall that boast the term “Camper Day” and the year? Have you ever wondered what Camper Day is?

Retro fridayYears ago Crestridge used to have one day per session where certain campers were elected by other campers to take over the staff roles. Each cabin chose a camper from their cabin to be their counselor and JET for the day. Cherokee campers were chosen to take over central staff positions – Summer Director, Assistant Director, Village Directors, and so on. For that day, those campers got to see what it was like to be a counselor or central staffer!

Can you imagine? What position do you think YOU would enjoy doing?

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