Never Say Never

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Reflect on a time in your life when God did something that otherwise seemed impossible. Thank Him for being that kind of God.

Through the latest medical technology, gifted physicians are able to place implants into patients’ ears that allow many of them to hear for the very first time. Can you imagine living in a world of silence, then suddenly hearing your own voice? What would be your first reaction? Journal a few thoughts.

Considering those emotions, read Genesis 18:1-15 and Genesis 21:1-7 in your Bible and thoughtfully answer the questions below.

“Is anything impossible for the Lord? At the appointed time I will come back to you, and in about a year she will have a son.” —Genesis 18:14

Examine Genesis 18:14, then reread Genesis 21:1-2. What impossible things did God promise and bring to fruition? According to human reasoning, what things could or should have stopped what God had promised from happening?

What do these verses teach you about God’s desire for His will to be accomplished and His plan of redemption to move forward?

Understanding that only God is able to do the impossible, how does this story encourage you in your relationship with God? Explain.

The Point

God does the impossible to bring about His story.


Regardless of the circumstances that you’re facing right now, be encouraged, knowing that God has the power to do things beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. Journal a bold prayer asking God to use these circumstances to draw you into a closer relationship with Him.

Ask God to give you the opportunity to share your story to encourage someone else who is facing similar circumstances.

For further study, read 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11 and Luke 1:5-25.

Behind the Story

While it is a miracle that Sarah was able to have a child at 90 years old, the greater miracle is that God created life in a womb that previously had been unable to produce life. On top of that, Abraham had waited 25 years for God to fulfill this promise. Throughout Scripture, God has demonstrated His power through unlikely means to accomplish His will in His own timing.

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  1. Omg i love that photo with just coming back from camp 2 weeks ago i am so in post camp depression 🙁 but i love these posts 🙂 you guys rock 🙂 🙂 🙂

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