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Dear Crestridge family,
Thirty four years ago when I arrived at Camp Crestridge, I had no idea what God’s plan was for me then.  All I knew was that this place is where I was supposed to be.  I did not know in 1981 when I drove into camp and met another girl named Marva Rawlings that God’s plan was for me and for her to be a huge part of this “holy ground” for 34 years.  I am blessed that I have been allowed to be a servant for Him. My sweet mom, Lucille, always told me that it was the greatest mission field that anyone could have the honor to serve in.  I agree totally.

So, I write this to share that a hard and prayerful decision has been made that I need to do as Marva has done and let go of my duties at Camp Crestridge.  I knew this day would inevitably come.  Camp has been my security and my love.  I have met thousands of campers, parents, and staff.  Each one of you has made a difference in my life.  The part He wrote for me led me down a path of service, sacrifice, sweet and special moments and people that I will cherish forever.  The connections that I have made because of Camp Crestridge and Camp Ridgecrest have affected every part of my life.  The Godly women and men that were part of His plan for me have become lifelong friends and family.

There are so many of you that if I start naming names, then I will forget someone.  Each of you knows who you are and I will cherish you always. I hope we can still have those moments.  I am still here, just not at camp.  I will name Johnnie Armstrong, Judye MacMillan, and Marva Rawlings.  I have learned so much from each of you…lessons that I have used in the “real world” of my life.  You were and are great friends, mentors, and role models that will never be duplicated.  And, for all of those wonderful Chehoapek opportunities, thank you!  I wish all of you many more.

Please be in touch.  I am still here.  I have also discovered that God’s plan for me does not stop at camp.  There are new adventures and opportunities that have been presented and offered to me.  I am excited to see His continued plan.  Thank you God for such an incredible part that you have written and continue to write for me.

GLYSDI, (for those that do not speak camp, that is God loves you and so do I)

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4 thoughts on “A letter from Janie”

  1. Goodness, Janie! This made me a little misty. Though my season at camps ended a decade-and-a-half ago, I still feel so close to those wonderful places and, with a grateful heart, am made to still feel a part by the amazing “youngsters” that are always rising behind us to make camp even better. Thank you for your imprint on so many lives…especially mine. God gets all of the glory for leading me to camp, but YOU were the vessel he chose in which to bring me there…and, as a result, I have my wife, children, best friends, home, church, community, and business. Thank you for your COLOSSAL role in my life and countless others. I look forward to having you around now in the summers to play, relax, travel, and volunteer (it’s AWESOME to be able to go home after an hour or two when you reach “a certain age”)! I love you and I know that Camp Crestridge does, too.

  2. Janie, Thanks for your many years of faithful service. You have been a great link between the “old timers” and the “newcomers!” Have always looked forward to your friendly smile and countenance! You will be missed!

  3. Janie, you’ve always been an angel at camp with a welcoming heart. Thank you for your service to camp. You are loved, you are respected, you will be missed by those of us who grew up in a special place called Crestridge. I pray God richly blesses you. Praying for you!

  4. Janie, Can say no more than we love you and thank God for our 30+ years of friendship. Thanks for working so hard and such long hours for God at Camp. Sallie and Larry

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