Mad Gab Answers from the Newsletter-Starring Ron Springs

Posted by Karah

We had a really fun time making these Mad Gabs for you, and we hope that you all had a fun time trying to figure them out! Here are the answers!

sick tea sec tent some her-(62nd Summer)
kin go fudge uncle-(King of The Jungle)
Knit bowl nook Eye scream par lore-(Nibble Nook Ice Cream Parlor)
bar sand star sand on her bands-(Bars and Stars and Honor Bands)
The leigh pave eight hand jive ants wing– (The Leap of Faith and Giant Swing)
purse safer rinse-(Perseverance)
Rat tails neck mound hand of her knight-(Rattlesnake Mountain Overnight)
Chair rock he sand chipper was-(Cherokees and Chippewas)

Check out this video of Ron trying to figure out the answers to one of the Mad Gabs.

Let us know if you all came up with any fun Mad Gabs of your own!

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