We Plant; God Grows

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Make a list of five things that God does for you daily that you haven’t thanked Him for lately. Thank God for those things and ask Him to forgive you of ungratefulness.

Read Mark 4:26-29 in your Bible.

“The kingdom of God is like this,” He said. “A man scatters seed on the ground; he sleeps and rises—night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows—he doesn’t know how.”—Mark 4:26-27

Ponder these questions:

-What role did the man in the parable play in making the seeds grow? Explain.

A faithful farmer plants seeds. He can water the seeds and try to make sure all the conditions are perfect for their growth and success, but he is powerless to actually cause them to grow.

-If the seed is symbolic of the gospel, what does this parable teach you about the success of the gospel? Explain.

The success of the gospel isn’t dependent on you. Like the sower, you must be faithful to plant the seeds and share the gospel message, but you can’t cause people to place their faith in Jesus. You have to share your hope, but trust God to bring the harvest.

-Why should Christians find it encouraging that we’re not in charge of growing the crops? Explain.


The parable of the growing seed teaches us two things: there will be a harvest (demonstrating God’s faithfulness), and we must be faithful to share the gospel.

In your journal, list the names of people you know have heard the gospel, but have not yet trusted Christ as Savior. Commit to pray for these people on an ongoing basis. Ask God to help you to trust Him to bear fruit in those peoples’ lives, even if trusting Him to do so is difficult.

As a believer, you’re not responsible for how people respond to the gospel, but you are responsible to share it. Pray that God would provide opportunities to share your faith this week. Ask Him to help you be faithful.

You never know how God will use the gospel seeds you plant in others’ lives. Ask God to open your eyes to specific ways to point others to Jesus in your words, actions, and interactions this week. Jot down three ideas in your journal.

For further study of your commission to share the gospel, read Matthew 28:19-20.

Behind the Story

Jesus frequently used agricultural metaphors because His original audience would have been familiar with farming. They could easily relate to and understand the deeper meaning of these stories.

The Point

You are responsible for sharing the gospel, but God is the One who brings the harvest.

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