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Listen to your favorite worship song. Ask God to open your heart to His truth today.

“But He looked at them and said, ‘Then what is the meaning of this Scripture: The stone that the builders rejected—this has become the cornerstone? Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, and if it falls on anyone, it will grind him to powder!’”
—Luke 20:17-18

Read Luke 20:9-19 in your Bible. Most biblical scholars believe the vineyard owner in this parable represents God, while the owner’s son represents Jesus.

• Match the story elements with what or whom they represent.

Tenant farmers
Owner’s son
Others (v. 16)

Israel’s leaders
Old Testament prophets
God’s gift and promises to

• In what way do you see God’s judgment in this parable? His grace? Explain.

• Read Psalm 118:22, the verse Jesus quoted in today’s Scripture. Write your definition of a cornerstone. What does this help you understand about Jesus? Explain.

• Verse 18 upset the religious leaders because they knew Jesus “had told this parable against them.” What was their reaction? What stopped them from carrying out their plan? Explain.


• Evaluate your life. Is Jesus the cornerstone, the foundation, and strength of your life? Why or why not?
• Whom or what are you trying to make the focus of you life other than Jesus? Confess these things today. Ask God to help you focus your life on Jesus.

For further study, read Psalm 118, Matthew 21:33-46, Mark 12:1-12, and 1 Peter 2:4-10.

Behind the Story

At its core, the parable reflects an issue of authority. Israel’s leaders rejected God’s authority through those He sent to them throughout history, the prophets, and even rejected Jesus’ authority. Though confronted by God’s Word (v. 17), the authority they claimed to revere, nothing changed. They wanted to hold onto their authority and power over the people.

Cornerstone (n.) = The cornerstone was placed between the corner of two walls as a connecting point. The cornerstone also symbolized strength.

The Point

God sent Jesus to proclaim redemption, but those who reject Him will suffer devastating consequences.

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